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    Straight Male / 18

    I have been on vacation for almost 4 weeks now and am not looking forward to going back to the university.

    I just can't find another room in the place where I am studying and that means I have to go back to the room I rent from that fat, old landlady. Sheâs a widow, 60 something and is very nice and very good to me, often make my favorite food but there is also something else.

    When I lived with her for about 2 months I had sex with her. Don't ask me why, it just happened, just say out of curiosity.
    In the beginning it was actually pretty horny, I had already had sex with a few girls my age (18) but they were slender types. Having such a fat woman was a special experience, especially her strong reactions when I had sex with her. I had to make sure that the windows were closed when having sex with her because my landlady is quite noisy. Sheâs also in favor of everything, so thatâs not in order.

    But she's actually insatiable and that means she wants sex with me almost every night. When I say that I have to sleep because I have to get up early or have no time, she starts to cry and complain that she is no longer attractive, that she rejected by men and that life isnât good for her and things like that.

    Eventually I give in again and sheâs happy again. I can't stand crying women because I was already upset when mom had to cry again, then I tried to calm her down but mom kept going and then I became hopeless. Anyway, my landlady expects me to do the entire "repetoire" with her, at least twice because then I will prove to her that sheâs worth it and still wanted.

    The next day she pampers me enormously, makes my favorite food, takes care of my clothes, cleans my room and gives me a delicious lunch that my fellow students envy and things like that.

    Anyway, my parents know nothing and regularly tell me that I have to behave well with my landlady, help her with things at home if necessary, and things like that, because they know how difficult it is to get a room. They insisted that during our two-week vacation trip I send a postcard to my landlady, I did that last week. And now she apps me that she misses me a lot with a kissy smiley.

    I still have 4 weeks to find another room or else I have to go back to her.

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    Dude your luckier than u think.
    I'm really not into heavy women but I would put up with your situation.
    I would also get sexual benefits out of it too. Like blow jobs anytime & Rim jobs while your studying. Massages. Have some of her friends over to do the aame.
    Use your imagination to make it better for you & quit being such a whiney teenager.
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    Agree with first response. Use her for your pleasure too.
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    You ignorant little shit. Yeah, include some friends, male and female. She will eventually find her fuck buddy that way and then you will hit a dry spell and want her back. She will tell you to get gone. HaHaHaHarygt
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    Bahahahaha,,#3 re right too
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    To #1,#2,#3,#4 If youâre being face sitted by her with her fat hairy pussy and her big, big ass so you canât breath but canât away so you think itâs your last minute you think different about it, Iâm sure.
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    Over again:

    To #1,#2,#3,#4 If you are being face sitted by her with her fat hairy pussy and her big, big ass so you cannot breath but cannot get away so you think it is your last minute you think different about it, I am sure.
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    You are indeed lucky to have such a horny and caring landlady. I am into older women for sex and I know how enjoyable are they and how much they get abandoned when horny. I am in my 30s and my 60 yo gf loves to be fucked in every holes and is virtually insatiable - two or more fucks in every sessions. In order to last longer in our sessions, I eat her fat pussy with 3/4" clit first to her orgasm and she gives me bj to my ejaculation which she gulps with pleasure. After that our sex lasts for more than an hour each - one at night and next early in the morning! I go to my work afresh while she is still in sleep. When I return in the evening she is often ready for more .... when I see her bra-less and without panties for foreplay couple with some drinks! Life is good indeed.
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    Poster should start sucking dick and taking it up the ass so he can breath
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    Dude just tell her there are some things your not wanting to do.
    She'll be ok as long as u keep fucking her.

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