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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    My sister and I get together once in a while and we always seem to go back to when we were growing up at Grandma's house in Kentucky. We were poor but didn't know it, cash poor we would say today because her farm was worth a lot even in those days. We had an older brother Mike who used us as his maids and we didn't mind, making him happy made us feel good. Grandma did her best, that means that she wasn't always around and we got into a lot of mischief. And so it was that Mike had a friend over and he told his friend that we were free for the taking as long as he didn't return us. Well Mike's friend thought that was a good idea and he grabbed me and told me to pack my things because he was taking me with him, and that's how I ended up at his house explaining to his mother why he had brought me home with him. I wasn't a little dog, Mike's mother told me, and I had to go back home. Well I had heard Mike, he was pretty firm in what he said, his friend could have me as long as he didn't return me. But his mother would have nothing of it and she took me back when my Grandma got home.

    Humiliation at being returned is all I felt. Mike said that I wasn't worth talking to because even his friend didn't want me so why should he. My older sister, we are one year apart, she said that she still wanted me and that's why we began to sleep together. Grandma didn't mind, I mean we were ten and eleven years old. Mike was fourteen and he was the man of the house.

    I am intentionally not using Mike's friends name, it's enough that I am using Mike's name but if he reads this he will know who it is about. Mike asked his friend what was wrong with me and he told Mike I was too skinny and he needed to fatten me up if he wanted to give me away. I was given double portions of oatmeal which stuffed me to the point of wanting to go puke it up. Mike measured me every once in a while, his fingers went clear around my wrist like if he was grabbing a chicken bone. No matter how much oatmeal he fed me I didn't seen to get bigger. Meanwhile my older sister started to get bigger, but you know where, she was budding out. Mike wanted to know when I was going to bud out and who knew that answer. My sister's budding took a long time, probably six months or so, before her buds were poking out of her shirt. Mike liked them and he wrestled her to the floor and grabbed her buds. She said she didn't like it but she did, what girl wouldn't like that. In one of those wrestling matches Mike discovered that my sister had grown pubes and he pulled her underwear down to her knees and we all got to see her pubes. He pulled my pants down and I had some, but not a lot. He pushed my shirt up and I had buds, but small ones. Boy it felt good when he touched them, and it felt good when he pulled my pants down, in a naughty sort of way.

    When we were all budded out, we were thirteen and fourteen Mike asked his friend if he wanted one of now, we were all fit to be put to use, we knew how to cook and clean and were all round now and he could take me or my sister home, or both of us, whatever he wanted. He took me home again and his mother sent me back, I wasn't ready to be dropping kids yet, but she said I wasn't all grown up to just be brought home like a lost cow. But it was too late, Mike's friend had figured out that both my sister and I were pretty ready to be rode and he did. He was seventeen I remember, a bit younger than Mike and he rode us fine. At least that is what Mike said and what we said. He had to pick so he picked me again. I was hoping that three times was the charm and his mother wouldn't send me home again. This time she let him keep me, but on the condition that it be done with Pastor Don. So it was that at ripe old age of fourteen and Mike's friend at the ripe old age of seventeen got him a wife and I got me a husband and moved over to his house.

    Living with my husband his mother put me to work and I had assigned chores and since I was going to be in the family way then I had to learn all about that too. She took me down to the church where they kept babies for mother's who needed help and she put me to work there, learning how to take care of a baby. Boy by the time I was popping babies I knew everything about them, well I thought I did anyway. I had four babies right in a row, just like clockwork, spring time came and come around June I popped another baby. The doctor asked me if I knew where they came from and I told him that everyone knew that a crow laid them and the sun hatched them, but I whispered to him I knew exactly where they came from and I liked making them. My husband was a man in my eyes, he ran his house right and Mike ran my Grandma's house right, now that he was a man too and my sister got her a husband in town and she had her round of kids to play with mine. Grandma liked all those great grandkids, it filled her heart that we were doing the right thing, getting married and all. As for Mike he was way to picky so Grandma and some ladies at the church got together and introduced him to the girl that was to become his wife.

    Like I said before, we grew up in Kentucky where everyone was cash poor but had land. My sister and I are the grandma's now and we still go to the same church and we look out after who the grandkids are going to get together with, we know that girls and boys are looking all the time and we have no doubt that boys will be boys and girls will be girls and how can we tell them not to have fun, we sure did, back then when fun brought babies, but then again everyone looked forward to bringing new babies home that's how you knew you were grown up.

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