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    Straight Female / 45

    I was programed to have kids, brainwashed, encouraged, threatened, ostracized. It's not that I didn't like children, they are ok in small doses. My issue is more of 'you must be kidding, you are almost forty'. Well life plays tricks on you, and 39 years old working in Seattle I tripped up and did the unthinkable. Not paying attention I let the gentleman do his thing and the next thing you know I am fantasizing that I was off to the races carrying an offspring. Over the following months I talked the talk, made sure the gentleman did his thing, but nothing happened. My world crashed when his sister told me he had a vasectomy when he was in the army.

    I found another man, proven producer three kids with his ex, looking for love and a reborn Christian looking for a stud would do. He did his part and my body responded, my head was all over the place but my body owned the day and I got my child. I am 45 now, survived infancy, terrible twos, toddler, and she is now five. My body is screaming to me, the song I hear every night goes like this 'you can still do it, give your daughter a brother or sister'. My doctor says go for it, my heart says go for it, my head says what are you thinking? My heart really wants to win.

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