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    The girl looked tired, she was upset. I made eye contact and said hello. She was on her way home and Frankfurt was a layover, someone stole her purse and she was freaking out. I decided that nothing was lost asking the airport police to get involved, her purse was found in a trash can but her money was gone, her passport and ticket were recovered, but she missed her flight and I missed mine. Next day, do it again. I took her to the Sheraton, got her the room next door. By then it was close to midnight and I went downstairs to buy some toiletries for us.

    She said she was going to be eighteen and wanted to sleep with me. I guess my look keyed her in, she said if I wanted to make love to her it was O.K. She wasn't a virgin. My head didn't respond, my face must have shown my feelings, we got undressed down to our skivvies, she got on the bed and slipped off her panties and went for my cock. Maybe she was not a virgin, maybe. When she laid back and opened her legs offering her pussy to me I didn't care if she was eighteen or twelve, she was dripping wet and horny as hell. Fucking her felt like it would jut end it. I tried to prevent it but just went into ejaculation all over her leg. Damn, showed my age. She said it was O.K., she could wait for me to get recharged and then I could fuck her.

    So much for being the man in charge. I didn't recharge until morning and she wanted to get fucked in the shower. Good for her, I thought for sure I would slip and fall. I was just not young and flexible and ready to get off time after time.

    Of course she wasn't eighteen, she was twenty one, of course she wasn't a virgin, she paid her way traveling across Europe with her pussy, yes she was going home and yes her purse had been stolen and yes she was upset and tired and pissed. But she wasn't a virgin, not even close and I wasn't thirty either. She gave me a freebie, unless paying for the room she didn't use counts against that.

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