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    Straight Male / 47

    I went to college, got a good job. I even bought a small house but not married. I was playing the single life. My younger brother 6 years younger than me was a spoiled brat being the youngest kid. He got out of high school and work nothing jobs. My brother got a cute girl to marry her. A red head little skinny girl. In no time they got kicked out of their apartment so asked temporarily to live with me. Against my better judgement I let them move in. His wife was hard either of us to get along with. A bitch. After a couple of months I really wanted them out. I couldn’t bring dates home with them there. She would walk around braless with her small pointed nipples poking her thin shirts. She started walking around in panties and night shirt. She had a skinny flat butt but I learned to enjoy looking at it. My brother got a job at a golf course and leave for work an hour before me and get in late. I decided to make a move on her and they may get mad and move out. One morning I could hear them having sex and afterwards my brother left for work. I came out of bedroom into kitchen and she was naked and put a used condom in the garbage. She covered best she could with her hands. I lifted her hands away and there stood before me a 100 pound girl with small tits and a thin bush. I turn her around, dropped my pajamas. I entered her without protest from her. When she orgasmed I unloaded into her. As I walked to the bathroom she asked me if I cum inside her and I told her yes. I went out with friends that night, came home and started taking a shower. She got in shower with me and said my brother was passed out drunk. We started in the shower and moved to my bed. Wasn’t long we both where sexually exhausted. For approx a month she would drain my balls either in her mouth or inside her c**t. My brother finally got to move into the worker house at his job and they moved out. I was visiting my mom one day and she told me my sisters-in-law was pregnant. I made it a point to go visit them and it was true. I could have had sex with her then but I didn’t. She wanted to. I wasn’t very experienced with sex before my sister-in-law so I got good experience and confidence. I finally married and have a lovely family of my own now. My brother still hasn’t amounted to much and has the one son which i probably father.

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    No doubt! You're brother was using condoms and you were putting it in her pussy.
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    Kudos to you to. I don't know if I would have the willpower to stop nailing her. I know you're married, and have a family now, but to have a side piece, that would be sweet. Especially, considering that she is easy and wants it. In spite of that opportunity, I'm sure you've made the right decision. It would likely only be a matter of time before something happened with them, a fight/argument, and out of spite the surest way to cause injury to your brother would be for her to tell him that you are the real father of his son.

    That being said, the time when you visited your sil, I would have put it to her every chance I had, until you met your current partner, but I bet you made the right call. Kudos also to your willpower.
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    I always wanted to try a red head. She apparently got a baby she wanted. I would have helped make another.

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