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    Straight Male / 54

    I'm a 74 year old retired electrical engineer. I'm now confessing something that started a long time ago. My sister is the youngest of 8 kids and I am second youngest. We are 17 months apart. This all happen just after I finished college.

    Margaret and I were 1 grade apart. I got scholarship to play baseball and went away out of state because they had an engineering program that I wanted. I first played baseball in little League. Seems all the kids wanted to be the star pitchers. My 6th grade history teacher was there watching so I asked him what position I should try out for. He told me he was the catcher and in the end it payed his way through college. I took his advice and to this day I thank him.

    After college I worked for this big construction good money to start. Margaret call a few years down the road wanted me to take her daughter for a couple of weeks while she goes on a second honeymoon. Hadn't seen my niece in 3 years. Now I have this 12 years old girl for awhile. I lived I a very private gated area on the side of a mountain. Very private large pool. Has a water fall you can swim through and a large area behind. Can't see behind it.

    My niece Kristen was loving it. I had to run to the office on morning number 4 told Kristen I'd be back in 2 hours. Got home and she's no where in sight. I had told her about the cave so now I'm early getting back. I slipped on my suit and got into the pool quietly. Swim through the water fall and there's Kristen naked in the cave masturbateing.

    We ended up fucking that entire two weeks. 7 years later Margaret gets divorce. A year later she's killed in a car accident. Kristen comes to live with me. None of my friends know she's my niece and we ended up getting married. We now have a little daughter of our own. Named her Margaret.

    Stra nge part is Kristen had a tattoo when she was 18. A tiny little heart red in color. The bottom of the heart had a tail. 2 inches down with two lines making it into an arrow. It ended at the top of her pussy slit and in the tiniest letters inside the heart said Uncle Bill's.

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    What the fuck is this again?

    Can someone explain me why people with slightly low IQ are always fetishist? Either they have foot fetish, sissy fetish, or this time p**ophile fetish.

    Okay liar, please do explain to me and everyone here reading in detail, how the hell you could get married with your own niece?

    In what hell hole are you suppose to be living?

    Don't you know that they don't just give you a license for it, they can see from their computer if you are too close relative.

    Oh my fucking god! If you are here to tell a lie, please do lie, but atleast try to be believable for christ sake!

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