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    Straight Male / 37

    I saw pictures of my ex girlfriend today on her twitter page and to be honest I got very horny just thinking how she used to suck my cock and how I used to fuck her 7 years ago.

    I fucked her like an animal for my own pleasure many times, meaning I just took her and sexually used her, she knew it and I knew it, and she just let me have it. That doesn’t mean it was always like that, I made sure I please her when we had sex, but sometimes just sometimes she knew I wanted to just be a man, just fuck her hard and cum like a damn animal, and she let me have her body to use it. Oh she let me have all of it!

    We broke up for personality issues and thats just another story but when it came to sex, oh she was good, fucking her like an animal was always good and she let me cum in her mouth many times as well. She was good.

    I saw pictures of her today and she is still hot, oh I would fuck her brains out within a second again, however she is far and we are both in different relationships now, but oh I would so so fuck her!

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    I miss sex with my ex-wife. She was the best. She would do anything that I could dream up. She loved to suck cock, and always swallowed. I've never met a woman who sucked cock the way she did.
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    to fuck a woman like an animal you can pay a prostitute to be honest... having a relationship is more about enjoying the company of the other person because thats what you end up doing most of the time. Sex is great, sure but its a small part of the overall day, most of the day you are going to just spend time with each other and if you are not a nice person to spend time with well maybe your ex girlfriend decided to give all those sexual pleasures to somebody with whom she really like to spend time with.

    Men tend to put too much importance on sex and thats when they fail because women are delicious in bed but to them sex is an added value, not the main thing, to get that delicious pleasure you must fulfill the main thing which is an emotional need, and most men fail miserably at understanding that. I am a man, I get it. I just can step from outside myself and see what is it that really happens between both genres

    One day your dick is going to stop working man, sooner or later that inevitably will happen and then all you will have it the company of the person you chose, or maybe one day you will find yourself completely alone because you never care about that stupid emotional thing (as you may be calling it now)

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    my ex girlfriend from years ago when I would be fucking her doggie style she used to wiggle her ass from side to side in such a way that I just would cum right away... she used to laugh and do it sometimes on purpose when she just wanted to make me cum
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    I used to have a girlfriend who would lick my balls and even licked my asshole a couple times... no other girl has ever done that... too bad she wasnt a good person to live with... like the other person said sex is great but then you have to live with the person... I rather live with a woman I like to spend time with even she doesn't lick my asshole
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    I got to fuck my ex girlfriend about 8 years after we broke up... she was married and she was having problems with her husband, she was still kinda hot so yeah I fucked her and I even asked her to suck my cock and she just smiled and said "you jerk" but she put my cock in her mouth and sucked it... it was great, I came in her, she smiled I smiled and we left it at that, to my knowledge she's still married and I am too

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