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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    He came in me twice. Once down my throat and once deep inside my asshole. I cried inside myself, not for the fucking he'd just given me, or the beating I'd suffered first, but for the fact, I'd cum too.
    You don't displease someone like Mr B. It's just not done. But I didn't know who the fuck he was, or what he was supposed to be in relation to my mothers debt. All I knew, is the bastard had my father beaten to prove a point. And being a hard young man, No one was going to deal their justice to my family.
    The thing is, I didn't know who he was.
    The point he proved with my father, is he didn't care who he sorted out. And that in itself angered me. I found out eventually where I could find him, walked over tooled up and expected to just breeze in and correct the violence and misery he'd put on my family.
    I was nineteen years old, and the day was exactly ten years ago today.
    I'd fought many men, many hard men who I'd beaten easily. Guns and the trapping of them were for the dickheads. Anyone can pull a trigger, it doesn't make them a man. I faced men, real men from the age of fifteen and I'd only taken one other beating. I was hard, just as hard as those who's hands, bodies and tough skulls were working men's.
    I saw no reason for me to fear Mr fucking B, so like an idiot, I went to see him.
    On the way, I wondered why my mother would approach a shithead like him. And then I passed a flyer on a post. Gambling, enough said.
    Like an vengeful righteous man, I entered his place and brought out my club and clever. Then my world went black.
    I awoke with a mans face in front of me and headache which thinking back now, was the worst feeling I'd ever had up to that point in my life.
    The man in front of me punched me, and my head unbelievably cleared somewhat. It was then a series of hurt, anger, frustration and some deep down fear welled up in me. But I was me, a young hard man who knew he'd beat the shit out of them. Only I couldn't.
    As soon as the beating stopped, the same face appeared in front of me and his voice clearly said "Your mine this afternoon, all afternoon".
    I was told I was to entertain him. I was told if I didn't, it wasn't me who would suffer again. That sentence and the inference behind it was left hanging. I knew who would be brought into his shitty world if I didn't do as he asked.
    So when his penis, which looked so big flaccid, was put in front of my blooded face, and he told me to suck it, I opened my mouth and accepted my fate.
    They cheered as I sucked in his dick. I knew I was being humiliated to make me understand who ran that part of town, but I had other thoughts in my head. Horrible thoughts about what I'd do to them individually when I recovered. Still I had a job to do and I figured, if I sucked his cock good enough, he'd cum and I could be on my way, so to speak.
    He didn't cum quickly at all, and the other men got bored. Other than the man who held me, all the others left one by one. Then with a word from him, the man who held me, released his powerful grip and I began to suck his cock in earnest. Only then did he begin to moan and tell me I was becoming a fantastic cock sucker. The best he'd had in years. And on it went.
    Finally his cock pulsed so hard in my mouth, I felt his veins pop and then bam, his cock exploded and I was swallowing cum before I knew it. Holding my head like a vice, he pumped his cock down my throat making me gag, but also forcing me to take every drop of his cum.
    It was done, I was going to be ashamed and embarrassed, but it was done and I could seek medical help.
    Not even the half of it. Lifted, and that's when I realized how weak I was, I was forced to lie on his huge oak desk. My clothing was already torn off me, so my asshole was on view and he wanted it. Yet it wasn't like cock sucking.
    I was face down on his desk, the door opened then closed and I knew then we were alone.
    The heat from his breath made me jump. I wasn't expecting to feel pleasure. I expected to feel his cock spear me and to feel pain. Yet his tongue snaked out and it lapped at my rear hole.
    He spoke again. Mr B told me I had a very cute ass and that he felt I owed him for daring to enter his premises tooled up. He told me, I was to pay with my asshole, and he would decide when payment was fully debited.
    My ass cheeks were pulled apart, and in those wonderful minutes I learned why so many people, men and women, love to have their assholes tongued.
    He worshiped my asshole and when I say worshiped, I genuinely mean that man spent an age licking, burying his face in it and tonguing my asshole so deeply, it felt like a small cock was inside of me. And what's more, my cock which he instantly recognized, became fully erect.
    Raised up and stood behind me, Mr B asked me if I'd ever indulged with men sexually. I tried to say something, but was hit hard on the back of my head. He told me he already knew, but he wanted to see if I would try and respond. "Still have fight in you", were his words.
    Then in a split second, my asshole was split and his cock entered me. Any pain I'd suffered before, was nothing to the seering pain inside my asshole. But try as might, I couldn't move. And then it began.
    There was no easing of his cock into my body. I wasn't there to bargain, to plea or to effect his pleasure, other than to be the vessel for his cock. And Mr B fucked me.
    Each thrust at first was like a hot knife entering me. My asshole burned and was wracked with abject pain. It was so painful, I very nearly passed out. Yet his massive cock just kept on sliding further and further inside of me and with each stroke, I became number.
    The door opened. I registreed it through the fucking. Something was said and I heard Mr B say "It's all been paid",. The answer he got back made him respond "Fuck it, I'm stil having him".
    As soon as the door closed, his cock slid out of me, I was yanked around and placed on my back, slap bang in the center of his desk. Pulled back with my ankles on his shoulders, he slid his cock back into my asshole and it was then I felt the first inklings of joy.
    Looking up through my bruised eyes, I saw a man in his late forties, a man who looked like he knew how to hurt people, yet someone who I later found out had enjoyed lots of young men sexually.
    Putting his hand onto my chest and wrapping another around my erection, he began to buck hard into my ass. Not once from then on did he look away from my eyes.
    Telling me I was going to enjoy his dick, I couldn't lie to him. My cock was straining in his hand and he already knew by then, his cock was giving me immense pleasure. Leaning in, his cock went as deep as it had from behind, only when his cock bottomed out, instead of pain, it brought me to a point where I couldn't help but say "Oh fuck yeh".
    He understood that little point and from then on, we fucked together.
    I'd passed that sexual cross roads and we both knew it at the same time. Mr B went wild with passion for my asshole and I went wild for him to be deep up my fuck hole. It was as weird as you get, a man who only a short time before had beaten me senseless, was fucking me and making me feel so sexually alive.
    His cock became my only focus as he stared unblinkinly int my eyes and without any notice my cock erupted like a volcano, spewing my cum all over my stomach and my chest.
    He laughed out loud and screamed he was cumming, and like a flood entering my bowels, his cum flushed through me and I was his.
    My torn clothes were burned in front of me in the back yard. All my possessions were given back to me and an envelope was put in the pocket of the joggers I was given. I'd been given a shower and someone, a female, who I'd not seen before had looked me over. The top was new too and the sneakers were my size.
    Before I was driven back to my parents home, I was spoken to. I won't say what was said, only that my parents owed no one debt money from then on, and within months their mortgage was fully paid. My fathers job was made redundant, but before he was given the option of a crap payout, he was promoted.
    Ten years on, I'm still a hard young ish man and I can look after myself. Mr B is nearly in his sixties and he's still fucking this young ish guy a few times a week.
    I've grown to love his cock deep inside of me and I've grown to love his more tender and intimate side. It's funny, if I'd gotten through to him ten years ago, I have no doubt in my mind I would have used my club and clever, yet as I lay here in his bed, after a whole night of his cock entering my mouth and asshole, I doubt very much I'd allow anyone near him.
    After all why would I allow my anyone to hurt my lover. MY Mr B.

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