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    Gay Male / 24

    I am not a sex addict, say it over and over again. But of course you are a sex addict, just look at how many different men you have let fuck you, how many men you have sucked, how many different men you have jerked off. That you say you started because in the fifth grade another boy jerked you off is irrelevant to whether or not you're a sex addict. You are a sex addict because you cannot turn down sex, you look for sex, you thrive on sex and the fact that you look for stranger sex proves you are a sex addict.

    Anywa y that's the way my conversation goes with myself after I suck off some guy in his car or let some guy have sex with me.

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    Ahh....yes, you are a sex addict.

    Welcome to the club.

    For years, I would fuck anything that walked....and some that didn't.

    I'd fuck any mouth that offered....young, old, male, female. It didn't matter.

    Pretty much anything bad that happened to me was because I had been drinking, and looking to fuck.

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