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    Gay Male / 24

    I am not a sex addict, say it over and over again. But of course you are a sex addict, just look at how many different men you have let fuck you, how many men you have sucked, how many different men you have jerked off. That you say you started because in the fifth grade another boy jerked you off is irrelevant to whether or not you're a sex addict. You are a sex addict because you cannot turn down sex, you look for sex, you thrive on sex and the fact that you look for stranger sex proves you are a sex addict.

    Anywa y that's the way my conversation goes with myself after I suck off some guy in his car or let some guy have sex with me.

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    Ahh....yes, you are a sex addict.

    Welcome to the club.

    For years, I would fuck anything that walked....and some that didn't.

    I'd fuck any mouth that offered....young, old, male, female. It didn't matter.

    Pretty much anything bad that happened to me was because I had been drinking, and looking to fuck.
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    Yes I am too, I’m 60 yo now and even as I seat here I have gotten up before my wife and put my chastity cage on myself, love the feeling of being locked up, the SS touching my cock, I put myself on the places of the story tellers, my pre-cum flows and when I stand it runs down my legs, I know my wife will see the dried cum inside my house coat and hope she does, my wife is pretty str8 laced but has discovered my bi side on my email, we have talked but I have never been given the opportunity to tell her all the kinky things I’ve done n my life, I do have a chat buddy that who’s a lot of the kinky things I’ve done !
    The first time we chatted I had answered his and his wife’s post looking for a man for her,
    I’ve never meet her but he and I became friends, even meeting for lunch many times, the first night we chatted his wife was on a date, we chatted as she gave him blow by blow
    Info on her phone, it was amazing be a part of her date and his emotions knowing his wife was taking another man’s cock as we chatted!!!
    I began to have gay sex with men, and shared each experience with him, and my sex life with my wife. Telling him details was very much a turn on, he loved making me do dirty things through our chats!!!

    I confessed some things to my wife which also turned me on, I wish I could share all of it with her and it would turn her on!

    Sex is sure a turn on there is very little that doesn’t excite me, no blood or poo
    But I would do just about anything else..

    I had 4 different young men ,25-38 that I had sex with regularly ,then I started telling them about each other, and began have three ways with them, me being the bottom!

    But got caught on the email as I was tell my chat buddy about a 3way session!

    One of my young friends introduced me to piss play, making me get on my knees in the tub,
    I had know idea that letting another man piss on my mouth would turn me on so much!!
    It was amazing and wish I could be a regular piss swallower for another man...

    Anyway I truly am a sex addict ❤️
    19 days ago

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