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    Straight Male / 46

    I love black cock
    I started dating a woman a few years back and she was previously married to a black guy and dated primarily black guys. I'm a white guy. I always like interracial porn though with a bbc pounding a tiny white hot girl. So when we started dating, I fantasized about her getting taken by huge BBCs.

    The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see a black cock in person. So I found some black guy on Craigslist a while back and I met him at his apartment. I just wanted to touch his dick, but the next thing I was doing was starting to suck him off. He never came and I quickly got pissed at myself and left. But after a few months I was intrigued again, so I met another black dude on CL and started to jerk him off and suck him too. He finally came and I loved it. So much in fact that I met 6 other black guys and eventually had them start recording me sucking them off. I loved it. I loved tasting their cum. I loved that this was so taboo. But the novelty eventually wore off.

    Then for some reason a few months ago, I got the desire again but CL doesn't have those types of ads anymore. So i found a male escort who seemed pretty cool. He came over to my place and I laid on the bed and he started to massage me. I grabbed his shorts and told him that I wanted to see his cock. He quickly obliged and I began to suck him off. Then I got the desire to have him fuck me in the ass. I asked him and he obliged with a condom. I haven't done this before and it hurt like hell, but he continued to fuck me. I wanted his cum in my mouth though, so when he popped, I had him shoot into my mouth. We were done and he left.

    Then a week later, I had the urge again. I called him and he came over. I told him that I wanted the same thing and he said that he needed to take a piss. I told him to follow me into the shower and I had him pee in my mouth and I swallowed it all. It was so delicious. I sucked him off again, had him fuck my ass again and then unload in my mouth finally.

    Then a week later I wanted to try another black guy. So I called another male escort and met him at his place. His cock was huge, but I needed it inside my ass. I told him to fuck me hard but cum into my mouth when he's ready to shoot. He pounded me and eventually came into the condom while being in my ass. Honestly I was a little disappointed because I wanted to taste and eat his cum too.

    So I think I'm addicted to big black cock. I have another appointment on Monday for a new guy. He's a former professional athlete and I can't wait to wrap my lips around his huge cock and have him fuck my throat. I want to feel every inch of his cock in my ass too.

    I now fantasize about my girl being gangbanged by a bunch of black dudes, filling her pussy, ass, and mouth with warm delicious black cum and then I lick it all up, dripping from every hole that she has into my mouth.

    So yeah, I'm a big black cock lover. I love black cock in my ass, fucking me hard, taking him balls deep. I love sucking on black balls, being throat fucked. I love being pissed on and drinking every drop of warm, golden black piss. I love feeling black cocks pulsate and blow their load into my mouth. I love the warmth of creamy black loads in my mouth and I'll swallow every drop. I want to be gangbanged myself by several black guys. I'll drain their balls several times each, enjoying the taste and eating every wonderful drop of black cum.

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    Forget about the girl you sissy faggot!

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