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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I sucked cock for the first time when I was 14. It was an older man and I couldn't get enough of his cum once I got a load down my throat. I have loved mancum ever since. I never wanted to get sucked by other guys, though I did let another boy a couple years younger than me do it a sometimes. I wanted to be the one receiving the hot liquid from a mans spurting cock. This continued despite the fact that at 17 I finally got a girlfriend to fuck and who would suck me. She was a lot more experienced than I was and after a few months asked me to fuck her in her ass. I loved that feeling better than a BJ or pussy sex. But I still had a need to suck men, especially older mens, cocks and swallow all the cum they'd let me have.

    I never wanted to get fucked, or to fuck them, actually not even get sucked by the other guys as I had a girlfriend to take care of that for me. I did get fucked sometimes. I had a 43 year old married man r**e me in my ass at 16. That was my first, I begged him not to do it and once he was in and pumping I asked him to quit and he just covered my mouth with his hand and told me to shut up and "take it like a good girl". I went back to him, and got fucked some more, he even let some of his friends fuck me. A couple of other guys, one timers mostly, would force me to take their cocks in my ass but I still try to get cum from as many guys and cocks as I can. I especially like taking my girlfriend on a date and kissing her, knowing that I had just had 1,2, or more guys cum in my mouth and swallow their loads. She hasn't noticed the taste and smell yet, or if she has, she's said nothing. I even buttfucked her after a guy made me take a fucking and left a huge load in my ass. I fucked my girlfriend with a load of sperm in my asshole. I came so fast I had to apologize and eat her out licking and cleaning my sperm in the process, and making her cum too. I've found another way to get sperm in my mouth now.

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    I to was 14 back in 1972 when I sucked my first cock. I got interested in cock at 13 years old in the 7th grade gym showers but didn't act on it till I was 14. My best buddy and I was watching each other masterbate. I asked him if he needed a helping hand he came right over to me said here it is. I was jerking him he said suck it. So I got on my knees became a cock sucker and cum eater that day. Keep sucking I have for over 30 years

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