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    My home life was Baptist, one brother, one sister both younger. I was in the ninth grade and a new boy liked me and insisted on sitting beside me at lunch, talk to me before the busses came to pick us up, show off to me in gym. The other girls helped him, pushing me into his arms. That's what happened when we went to a varsity basketball game. He came to the game and the girl beside me made room for him. Shoved up against him she took his arm ad put it around my waist. He took that as a yes and he pulled me close with his arm around me.

    At halftime we all went to the lady's room. He was waiting when I came out and my friend pushed me into him and said bye. His arm around my shoulder he walked me outside and stood me against the wall. He wanted a kiss, it was awkward, but he got a kiss. A door opened and a janitor exited ad he reached and caught the door before it closed, he pulled me in behind him. More kisses in the dark, my dress pulled up my panties pushed down and the onto the floor and I was the first girl in my grade to loose my virginity.

    I was his girlfriend, from then and forever. The rest of high school, lots of sex, we had sex like bunnies. He was very careful with me and we had all the dangerous days counted and he pulled out running his juice all over my stomach or my back. I got a promise ring, we were informally engaged, I was in love from my head to my toes. Then everything came to an end.

    His father was accused of helping commit fraud, he was incarcerated, his family was shamed and my parents prohibited any further relationship with him.

    I think of him, he never went to college and worked as a customer representative for the electric company. I went to college and married a boy I met there. But I never stopped loving him. I live in Dallas and he lives in my childhood home town. We don't talk or socialize, my high school friend keeps me posted. That's my sad story.

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