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    Straight Female / 22

    Being blue collar does things to you. I spent eight years in foster care with a doctor and his wife and four kids. When my mother got out of prison she asked for me and I was returned to her. We lived with my grandparents, he is a welder and she is a cashier at a cafeteria. I should say I was returned to my mother when I was thirteen. My father? Who knows, he may he dead no one can find him.

    After I was returned I ran away, but my foster parents returned me. They tried to adopt me but my grandparents said they would adopt me. I was trapped, I hated my mother and my grandparents and I wanted to live with my foster parents so I ran away again, this time I really ran away. I lived with a man and another man until I was old enough to move on. If my foster parents knew where I am and what I do dancing at a strip club they will be so disappointed. I don't care about my mother or my grandparents. I do have a GDE.

    I know you want to know when I started having sex and what I did to live with those two men but I'm sure you can figure it out. I got my tubes tied after an abortion that's all I'm going to say about that.

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    A sad start to life, yet you have the power to make a new start and be anyone you want to. Good luck and reach for your dreams...
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    Well, my father is dead,
    My mother was in jail,
    I'm in the Dance Hall,
    Yelling PUSSY FOR SALE!
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    LOL, that's really cute and probably true, #2
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    Oh well #3, it may sound true to you but in my mind she is quoting an old saying I have said many times. (Daddy is dead, Mamma is in jail, sister is on the corner yelling pussy for sale). But now my favorite is, (Some folks think that Fucking is a Sin, but let's go back to where Fucking begins. Adam Fucked Eve and made her a Mother and all since tghen we have been Fucking each other.)
    15 days ago

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