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    Straight Female / 32

    I have been single for over 5 years. I miss having a partner but I don't want to waste my time and energy in a relationship that will not last. I have sex with my ex whenever he wants but it's not enough.

    I sometimes fantasize about having sex with multiple men, being tied up and fucked out of my mind or being blindfolded and taken by a stranger.

    I'm extremely shy so I have never told any of my partner's my fantasies. None have ever fully satisfied me sexually and I have almost always resorted to faking an orgasm or helping myself to one.

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    The desire to blindfold you, tie you up, and fuck you again and again, summing each time?
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    I have never had a partner induced orgasm.
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    What you have a desire for you would probably find good in-real-life. Works that way for most (?) of us. Gangbang in a club is pretty do-able. Have a friend you trust be your "gangbang monitor". It's an idea to work upon... You will feel your way forward to what you really want the most.
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    Why not make a profile on a kink site like Fetlife, and use that to explore and make your fantasies a reality with like minded individuals? You can often arrange these things at community hosted events, where you would have other women and some supervision, to ensure your limits are respected.

    Or, you meet someone on there who shares your fantasies, and will help you explore them. There are plenty of men out there who would love to meet a sexually open-minded women, especially one who would enjoy sex with more than one man. I'm one, and my gf has said she would do it for me, but I'll prefer if she wanted to do it b/c she just can't shake the idea of getting fucked by several men.

    It's one thing to do it for yourself, another for someone else. There's nothing better than a sexually open-minded woman. Too many women are taught to see sex as something you do for your partner, which is bullshit.

    You can thank the evangelical half wits who have corrupted our concepts of sexuality in this country. This attitude didn't start with them, but it sure as hell as been furthered by these degenerates. The irony of these people is that they are some of the most deviant, corrupt, and base humans out there.

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