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    Straight Male / 45

    My wife is a bouncy little BBW with a great smile. I thought I would give poppers a try to spice up our sex life. I seceretly ordered them and tried them out briefly before having sex with them. Inhaling then exhaling at first I did not notice anything, then a wave sweeps over you, making you feel very horny. The world seems to close in, then your heart will start beating, finally your head will start pulsating and my upper body will get hot at the euphoria sweeps over. I tried this once hoping I could time this all without being discovered. I like to have about a shot and a half before making love to my wife. It really loosens me up. I will often lick my wifes dirty panties from the day, she has a real heady distinctive scent that drives me crazy.

    One of us will usually drop a hint about wanting to fuck and she has usually had some time to think about it getting her pussy hot. When we first lay down to fuck I can usually smell her wet pussy. My wife is a very responsive lover and we usually beging with me jerking her clit off. She has come to really like this and we spend some time doing it. Her orgasms are epic especially if I kiss her neck near the center. She will usually come several times before I eat her out. I usually begin by spreading her lips and tonguing her clit, sucking it like a little dick. She usually will then spread her lips with both hands allowing me access to her clit. I will spend some time eating her out, finger fucking her until she squirts on the bed (she usually has a towel under her to catch the squirt). Sometimes she will grab my head holding it as I eat her out. I love the feeling of her using me for her pleasure.

    After multiple orgasms she usually asks to suck my cock. We spend a little time doing this as she loves the feel of my hard cock in her mouth and has gotten quited good at sucking it. She will go down deeply on my tool twisting her head as she comes back up. I usually am lightly touching the sides of her chest as she is working on my cock. After a few minutes of this I usually tell her I am ready to put this hard veiny cock in her. She is very submissive and will then lay on her back with legs spread waiting for me to put my engorged cock in her wet pussy.

    I am an over achiever and always strive to give her a great time. I slowly put my cock in her then slow pump her to orgasm. I love the look on my wife's face as she cums, she will blush heavily, eyes closed, mouth open in total ecstacy. After several orgasms like this we will decide how to finish, sometimes she likes it from behind, which seems to be how she cums the hardest. Other times she will lay on her back, totally submissive, legs in the air cumming hard until I creampie in her sweet pussy. Tonight after she got her fucking, she asked me how I would like to finish. I had told her sucking my cock.

    My wife always lets me cum in her mouth and never misses a drop. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom first. I went to the bathroom, had the poppers hid in the cabinet above the toilet. I took a long hit on the poppers, holding my breath, I walked back to the bedroom. As I lay on my back in the bed exhaling, the poppers began to take effect. I could feel the world start to close in on just this moment. My wife began to crawl across me to prepare to suck my cock. The sensations were unbelievable as she put her warm mouth around my cock. I closed my eyes tightly holding my breath as much as I could. Waves of ecstacy washed over me with each time she went up and down my cock. My eyes closed tightly, I began to buck with each mouth stroke. She made several trips up and down my cock with me focusing on how good it felt.

    All of my focus was on this physical contact as my wife tongued the tip of my cock then deep throated me. When she started to use her hand in combination was when I lost it. It felt like her tongue was clawing the cum from my cock as that was the only thing in my world. She would later tell me there were 7 huge spirts of cum that hit the back of her throat and scared her with it's intensity. With each spurt she would go the full length of my cock moaning and sucking my juices. She had no idea about the poppers, it was literally the greatest orgasm I had ever had.

    After she finished sucking I tucked her in and we went to bed for the night. My wife knows me well and I can never tell if she is just going along with something or has a real idea about what had happened. I waited at least a day before mentioning the experience. She had no idea that anything had happened with the poppers, she was just amazed at how hard I had cum and the quantity. I would really like to introduce her to the poppers, I think she would really like it but there is a little stigma to get past. Her orgasms are hard anyway but I sure the poppers would really put her over the edge. Maybe I can get her to try them soon!

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    What the hell are poppers?
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    Gummy Bears!

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