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    Straight Female / 23

    I am not slim but I am cute, I have glue green eyes and I have a pretty face. All my life boys have fallen for me. I grew up to have a largish bosom and good sized hips. My man friend says that I am 'woman' from head to toe. I like to please him, I like doing things for him. I had a hard time letting go in bed, I was pretty shy as a kid and in many ways I still am. He is my one and only, I have never been with another man and don't have any desires to do that either. If I die and I can say on my death bed only one man had my body then I will die happy. I really can't understand how women can let men just have sex with them. I don't do weird things, I am pretty conservative and I am strictly an on my back girl, play with me a little but when it comes to completing the act I want to be on my back with my man friend on top. I work in a construction company in the office. I can't believe how easy some of the women here are with the men who work here. They all seem to be jealous of me because my man friend is a man with money, at least as far as they are concerned. He really is just normal in his group of friends and he wants me to stop working and finish my college degree, he challenged me with a marriage proposal, they day I graduate I walk down the isle.

    My secret is that I read lots of romance novels and I get very turned on to seduction. If that part of the book is really steamy I can read it over and over again. I get very aroused and I sleep in my wet panties and I can get very wet. That's my only secret sex thing. My man friend does not know about this, I am prim and proper and would never do any of the things that the novels talk about, not even if I was a lost virgin in the desert and saved by the Sheik of Arabi.

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