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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    This happened about 2 years ago. I by chance caught the sight of what was the largest cock I've ever seen in the changing rooms of a swimming baths. I was transfixed and he knew it. There was nothing special about him but that cock! it was hanging down to just above the knee. Mine is 8'' but was a toy in comparison. Because he'd spotted me I blurted out, 'that's an impressive weapon you have there'. He asked me if i'd like to touch it and without hesitation nodded. I watched as if in a trance my hand reach out and grasp it. It was full but not erect. I sniffed it and then my tong left my mouth making contact with it. 'Have ever tasted precum', he asked, 'wank me'. The tip was glistening and my tong darted out to taste. I masterbated him as I enclosed the gland with my mouth and drank from the pump. I remember looking up to see him smile, 'Now it's time to do me a favour', he exclaimed. He wanted to cum in my mouth and for me to swallow. Wanking his meat and playing with his balls did the trick and as he pumped I eagerly drank. That was it he'd done with me.

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