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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    I've never told anyone this story. When I was 11 me and my friends used to play football in the local park, 1 day I needed the toilet this is when public urinals were mostly open. I went into the toilet and saw a fat bald man around 55 standing there, I went into the cubicle and noticed him looking at me through the keyhole. I got scared and finished and opened the door, as I walked past him he had his penis out, he said to me "I'll give u £20 if u suck it. That was a lot of money to a 11 year old. So I sucked his cock and he came in my mouth. Afterwards he said if I met him same time every week he will pay me each time. So I began doing it for weeks. 1 day I went to meet him and there was 2 other men with him. They also offered me money to suck them, so I did. This went on for a few months. Eventually he asked me to go to his house and then offered me more money for him to fuck me. The pain was awful as he basically r**ed me. This led to other men being at his house and me being passed around like a toy. The final straw came when he invited me to a party. Now a party to me then was jelly and ice cream and fun but this party involved approx 25-30 men r****g me all night. I could hardly walk next day and I never went to see him again. I sometimes do fantasised about what happened and still meet men to suck their cocks even though I'm married with kids

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