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    Straight Female / 32

    My ex girlfriend was really hot and with that grew up with lots of men wanting to fuck her that probably shouldn't fuck her like her dad's friends, her uncle, her cousin etc.
    Sometimes it even got to the point where she would have to tell them to stop texting her inappropriate things, even tho I knew it turned her on but at the same time have her anxiety and made her feel uncomfortable.

    Now that we're broken up I have a bunch of sexy photos of her and perfect tits. I have a fantasy of sending the photos to all the men that dreamed of fucking her but to my knowledge never have.

    I just imagine being her dad's best friend, watching his hot daughter develop over all the years since she was born and all the fantasies he had but obviously never could go through with such a thing and then finally being able to sexy photos of her naked.

    I wish had videos, I wish I took more photos. I wish I pushed her into fulfilling their desires when they were texting her while we were dating.

    She told me a lot of shit but I still think there's a lot of untold stories, just thinking of her getting drunk with her uncle, teasing him and finally pulling out her tits, letting him lick them while she feels his cock then unbuttons his jeans, kneels down and finally sucking his cock after all these years makes me so fucking horny.

    I wish she didn't let her self go, she's still only 32 but she put on some weight. They'd probably still want play with her pussy but it's not as hot as when she was like 22 and in her prime.

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