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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    I want to tell you about my seduction. I was working part time at grocery store flower department during the summer of my 16th birthday and the girl who worked as the manager and I got along really well. We had our uniforms on so we both looked like dorks but that's that. We got along and she asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her. I didn't have a car and she picked me up at my parent's house and we went to the movies. In the movies she leaned into me her shoulder on mine and she continuously whispered in my ear and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. After the movies she said she wanted to show me her apartment and we went there. It was a small apartment with one bedroom and a small living area. I sat on the sofa, which was pretty ratty and old, and she came over and she sat on me, she just pulled up her skirt and straddled my legs and sat on my lap facing me. Without a word she stripped off her top and leaned over holding my head between her breasts. She had my head in her hand and she kept putting her nipple against my mouth asking me to make her happy. Well, she said open your mouth and she put her nipple in my mouth and told me to grab her ass. As I tried to gently suck her nipple she kept telling me to suck her hard and grab her ass hard, to show her that I was the bitch she wanted me to be. With a pull back she grabbed my face with both hands and landed a kiss on my mouth until she got her tongue in me, letting up to only to tell me to grab her ass harder.

    When she stripped my shirt off and before she grabbed my breast in her mouth she slapped me a little and told me to grab her ass hard, grab her and she sucked on me until I had tears in my eyes. Now came the important part. She got off me and pulled my pants off until I was totally naked and she got on her knees and spread my legs open. She smelled me and then let herself go and took me in her mouth. She would come up for air and tell me to fuck her with my pussy and she would go back down. Somewhere without any warming I went into my first real orgasm. She sat back and told me that I had the best pussy in the world and she wanted it all for herself. She took her pants off and got back on her knees straddling me with her pussy in my face and leaned in for me to eat her out.

    I remember every minute of that night after the movies, it was my first time ever getting naked like that, it was my first time ever kissing and having sex with a girl, it was my first time ever having an orgasm. I only worked at the flower shop that one summer but we remained friends and 'dated' and had sex long after that night. As I went through high school I never crushed on any boys, no surprise, and my social life was all centered around her. My parent's didn't like my relationship with her because she was so much older than me but they didn't stop me either.

    Everything I learned she taught me, by the time I was a full grown woman I had been around the world with her. Our relationship cooled off as I went to work with my degree and eventually I found the woman that I am with today. She comments a lot about my experience and my lack of modesty. She knows about my seduction and feels that I was too young to learn about sex that way, but I don't think anyone is prepared for their first seduction. For me, I remember it like yesterday.

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