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    Gay Male / 47

    My birthday came and went and no one said a thing. Not my brother or my mother or anyone at work. I was feeling really low and I went on the internet and found myself gazing at gay porn, something I did from time to time. Between one thing and another I had decided that young gay studs were not my thing, I just couldn't put up with their attitude. I had gravitated more to men my age or older who were looking for someone to hook up with. That's why I had joined a couple of the mature gay men dating sites and that night I went to one looking for a man who wanted company. I found a man who said he was traveling and I sent a hello and asked if he wanted to meet. He gave me his location, a motel on the highway and I went there and met him in the lobby. He was a college professor, in town for church meeting with other members of his church organizing a church building project in South America. He didn't look the part, a bit too pale and too professorial and his church connection didn't seem like the right vibe. And he seemed like an ordinary man, five seven or so and 175 pounds. But he had answered my connection, but he gave me the motel where he was staying. Too many flags, I asked him if he had eaten dinner and we went to a small restaurant a couple of exits down the highway.

    He was definitely professorial, he was inquisitive and soon it was pretty clear that he wanted to be the one to talk and ask questions. I told him the truth, divorced, boring job, birthday depression. We ate and went back to his motel and he wanted to suck cock immediately. He was hungry, he went at it pretty fast and it took a bit to get his clothes off, his cock was semi hard from sucking mine, I grabbed it and it got hard, I got into a position where he could suck on my cock and I could suck on his. As soon as his cock was in my mouth he started shoving his hips against my face. His cock was big for his size, and he was circumcised which I prefer and he was holding on to my cock and sucking me. We got straightened out and jerked each other for a while, he was ready to rumble and wanted to kiss so we kissed for a few minutes but he wanted to fuck. To my surprise he had condoms and lube and I let him go for it, he fucked hard and with even strokes, long and deep, he got tired of the condom and stripped it off and went it naked like the day he was born and with renewed vigor he fucked me until he came.

    It was over, he was done. I got dressed and said good night and left and went to a bar that I frequent and sat there thinking about that night. I could feel his ghost cock in me, his mouth on my cock and my mouth on his. I was daydreaming sipping my drink and a man sat beside me and started a conversation. It was late by then, around 11 at night and I wasn't in the mood but he pestered and I followed him into the men's room and sucked his cock in the stall. He was a big man over six feet tall and heavy build, at least that night he seemed really big and he was hard. When he was done and unloaded his cum he pulled out his badge and said he was vice, but he was letting me off because I had done a good job and I hadn't hit him up for money.

    That's how I spent my birthday.

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