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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I grew up in an orphanage in Louisiana. From time to time we were allowed to make some money by working and that summer I was hired to help out on a farm. I was big enough to drive the tractor and the old man would tell me what to do, run the tractor here and there, and around noon he stopped me and told me to sit down and eat. I don't know if he was fifty or seventy, he was grey haired and had a body tan from working in the sun. We ate lunch under this tree and when he was done he stood up and unzipped his pants and let out his cock and started to pee right beside me, his pee splashing in the dirt.

    Living in the orphanage I saw lots of cocks, but they were all boy cocks, but his cock was not a boy's cock. He looked down at me while he peed and when he was done he asked me to kiss his cock, show some appreciation for him giving me a job to make some money. I kissed his cock and he said he wanted more, he wanted me to put my hot lips on his cock and show him that I really cared. I had seen boys suck other boys and I opened my mouth and took him in and sucked on him while he talked to me and ran his hand thru my hair. I have to admit that I liked it, I really liked it and I didn't want to stop and he could feel it and he just let me go on. After a while, who knows how long, he asked me if I wanted to pee because he wanted to watch me.

    He helped me get my cock out of my pants and he stood behind me holding my cook while I peed into the dirt while he rammed his hard cock against my ass. When I finished peeing he grabbed me hard and jacked me off while he rubbed his hard dick against me. Soon my pants were down and his hard dick was in my crack and he said he just had to show me how much he liked me and I got my first ever fucking right out there in the field his cock completely up my ass and he fucked until he squirted all his cum into my virgin ass. That night in bed in the dormitory I had my first ever wet dream.

    I didn't get paid that much, at that time minimum wage was 3.75 an hour and the work in the field was long hours of sweaty hard work, but his cock was always ready for me and he wanted to fuck and have his cock sucked and it was always on my mind. By the time the summer was over he had fucked me in the shed and with the smell of fertilizer and equipment oil and grease. At times when I am the agricultural supply store and get the smell of fertilizer I get memories of that summer and I get the urge to hook up with my friend and suck his cock.

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