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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    While away for business I went to a massage parlor. I received a massage that was just ok but the finish was awesome. For an extra 40.00 this petite Korean woman gave me the best hand job I ever had. She promised that if came back the next day it would be even better. I felt guilty about it but went back the next day. She had me undress and after a short massage went right to my dick and started sucking while she played with my a-hole. She really took her time. While she worked it I reached out and started rubbing her ass. She was wearing short shorts and I was able to work me finger under the side and started to finger her. I came in her mouth with two fingers buried in her pussy. After it was over she thanked me and I payed her then left My wife called as I was walking out and I immediately guilt remorse but that won’t stop me the next time.

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