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    Straight Female / 42

    So this is really gross and embarrassing but it would turn me on that people know: I masturbate with my sons semen. He along with everyone on the planet has no idea.

    It began while cleaning out the waste paper bin in his bathroom. I found a used condom tied up among the tissues and trash. Then another one. I know there hadnt been any girls over so I assumed he was jerking off into them. It was weird to see but I just dumped the bin in the trash and forgot about it..

    That is, until later in the day I was lucky enough to have the house to myself and was pummeling my clit with my vibe. I was feeling very naughty and went naked downstairs to cum on the couch. I felt very exposed and dangerous and it was really working. In my sexual whirlwind I remembered the condoms and started thinking it was strange I touched his sperm. But I didnt reaally touch it because it was in the latex. It wasn’t long before the shameful thought popped in my head.

    I dug our the two condoms and their cummy contents and went back to the couch. I cut them open with scissors and poured them on my sexually charged body. One on breasts. And one on my pussy. I rubbed it all over my nipples and my pussy as I furiously rubbed my clit. It was cold and smelled bad but I didn't care. I felt so dirty covered in my sons cum. I came so fucking hard.

    Afterwards I was so ashamed of myself. But fast forward a week and there I was again cumming hard with my own teenage boys cum dripping out off my chin.

    Nowadays I can tell when he jerks off and get it fresh. Hes pretty unobservant but sometimes I wonder if he has ever noticed them missing and thought, is my mom rubbing my sperm on her asshole?

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    Imagine how hard you would cum if he would shoot all over your face? ð
    19 days ago
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    Hey, Straight 42 YEAR OLD STRAIGHT FEMALE author, make a change to your first statement, "HE ALONG WITH EVERYONE ON THE PLANET HAS NO IDEA." I can prove now that me and at least 2 others know because of our comments. And I think I know who you are but don't worry, I'll never give away your identity. PROMISE, if you'll get me squirt my cum all over you while eating you out, Okay?
    18 days ago

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