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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    When I was young, between 16 and 18, slim but very curvy with a big arse and toys (perky back then!) my first boyfriend and I used to have an insatiable sexual appetite. He was a few years older than me and quite domineering in the bedroom which I still love today. He would order me to take my bra off and open my top as we walked home from a night out, or take me down an alley and tell me to drop my knickers, bend me over and fuck me hard. We would strip totally naked and chase each other before having amazing sex in parks at night.

    One of the horniest memories for me was when we had split up for a time when I was 17 and we arranged to go on a âmake upâ date. We were both super horny about it after a couple of months of not seeing each other. He told me to leave my underwear at home so I turned up wearing a very short mini skirt, no kickers and over knee boots. He was very happy when he saw me! I went in front of him on an escalator on the way up to the cinema and slowly bent over flashing my waxed pussy to him. Once we were in the movie he couldnât keep his hands off me. He discreetly moves his hand to my thighs under the popcorn and started to finger me. I was so wet and horny it felt amazing. His boner was busting the seams so I unzipped him and laid his jacket over me and his head on his lap. I slowly started to circle my tongue around the head of his fat dick. We were sat around the middle row so in retrospect someone must have seen. I carried on for a few minutes taking him deeper and deeper until he came hard in my mouth. I swallowed the delicious load, zipped him up and watched the rest of the movie.

    On the way out he pulled me into a passport photo booth, took my top and bra off to reveal my tits, slide his dick inside me and fuck me on his lap. He put some cash in and took some photos of us! It was tense waiting outside the booth for them to print whilst people were walking past!

    Iâm still a sub slut now. I love nothing more than to take orders from dom Strangers on snap, and film myself doing bizarre filthy things for his pleasure!

    And I certainly get my fair share of cock. Itâsa struggle to stay faithful when so many guys are ready to give you a great ride! I blame that first boyfriend!

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    I am a dom daddy (41) and would certainly help and do my best to keep you faithful.

    I have an INSANE sex drive and am sure you would be very happy!
    17 days ago

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