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    Before you read, I'm awful with words so don't judge me on my bad story telling, also I am a virgin. So I have a straight friend (I'll call him Jay) that's notorious where I live for fucking almost every girl in the city. He's a really chill dude and me and him hang out and smoke weed a lot. He's a little chubby but the curves are in the right places and he has an amazing face and really good hair so I can understand why so many women fall for him.

    A few months prior to the sexual shit that happens in this story, me and another one of my friends bought some shitty $15 inflatable boxing gloves and we got bored of them after like 10 minutes so they just ended up sitting in the corner of my room for a few months. Fast forward to yesterday, Jay was spending the night at my place so we could get high off of some good weed he got from his brother. We get super baked and Jay starts making jokes about how the opening on the boxing gloves looks like a vagina. It sounds really stupid but it actually kind of did look like one and the jokes started getting less jokey and more serious as time went on. Eventually Jay made himself super horny from joking about the gloves that he wanted to try fucking one. He was obviously super uncomfortable and probably would've just given up on trying if I didn't say anything but at that point, him being horny made me super horny too so I tried to encourage him to fuck it by telling him I'd fuck the other glove in the other room while he fucked his. This plan worked and 5 minutes later we were both in separate rooms fucking inflatable boxing gloves.

    It wasn't that bad honestly, but after we both tried for like 10 minutes and neither of us could cum we gave up. We were both still super horny since neither of us could finish so after we finished cleaning everything up I gathered up some courage and went up to him and said "hey I'm gunna say something weird and if you're answer is no you have to promise you'll just forget I ever asked". Jay was just like "uuuuuuh ok shoot" and I said "We're both still super horny so if you want I can suck your dick". He didn't answer the question and instead said that he wanted to watch an episode of spongebob (this was actually a pretty normal thing for him so I just took it as a no).

    After we finished the episode he looked at me and said "when you first offered to suck my dick my brain was just like "hell yeah dude free blowjob" but I forced myself to think about it for a bit, and I decided that it would help me out by making me feel good, and it would help you out cause you could get some practice for if you ever actually get to hook up with a guy, so yeah I'm down".

    I can't remember much of the shit we said after that but I was hella nervous and he said that he'd have to take a minute to get himself hard so he had me lay on the bed facing away from him while he jerked off on the mattress we pull out for when I have friends spend the night. After like 8 minutes of waiting he finally said he was half hard and that I could come look.

    His cock was fucking huge. It was like 6 inches half hard and it was super fucking thick. I grabbed it and it was super warm and soft, but still really hard if that makes sense. He told me to put it in my mouth so I listened and just put it all the way in to the back of my throat first thing. This was when I learned that I don't really have a strong gag reflex. I started going to town on his dick, moving my mouth all the way up to the tip, then all the way down to his balls. It felt fucking amazing, and he obviously thought so too. He started grabbing my head and pushing it down onto his dick and holding it there. I loved it. At this point he's fully hard (probably close to 8 inches). Then he started thrusting into my throat in addition to that. It didn't even hurt me it just felt amazing. After what felt like forever he ended up shoving his dick as far in as he could and let loose a fuckload of cum into my mouth. I kept sucking him off with the cum in my mouth for another couple of minutes before I stopped and swallowed.

    This was one of the most fun experiences of my life tbh. After it was all done he told me that I gave him the best head he's ever had. I said "you don't really mean that you're just trying to make me feel good" and he said "do you really think I wanna admit that the best head I ever got was from a dude?"

    After that I went to the bathroom so I could go jerk off since I never actually came. I was having a lot of trouble finishing when I heard him call my name through the bathroom door.

    I threw my underwear back on real fast and went outside and he was hard again. He wanted me to suck him off a second time cause he got horny when I was jerking off.

    I honestly can't remember as much of the second time than I did of the first, but I do remember he was a lot rougher and it was amazing.

    After he came and and I swallowed his second load he went to bed and told me to go finish jerking off, which I did. I never have cum so much in my life. There was so much cum that I couldn't hold it all in my hands and I ended up having to clean it up off the floor.

    The next morning we promised each other that we'd never tell anyone that this happened unless it was something anonymous and that we'd try not to talk about it much so it doesn't make our friendship weird. I told him that if he ever wants me to suck him off again I will in a heartbeat though and I really hope he'll let me do it again.

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