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    Straight Female / 33

    single mom of 1 (teen boy)

    we have both been keeping our agreement. A couple of weeks ago, Sunday, i found the panty i had left on top of the hamper as normal, but to my surprise it was not soiled. i thought that maybe he was growing out of his need, or had found a gf at school; a thought i did not cherish, but seemed reasonable to me. i slipped on the panty and started breakfast. i was getting plates out of the drainer when i heard him getting up.

    i had the plates and cups on the table and most of the flatware, but needed a fork from the drainer, that is where he caught me. i was pinned against the sink. he told me that he saw i had on the panty, but he didn't do his part of our agreement. the next thing i knew, he had my skirt up, and my panty pulled down. i felt his cock laying between my thighs as he prepared his part of our agreement. i felt him begin his emission into the crotch of my panty, the head of his penis actually touched me as it began soiling my panty. he completed, then pulled my now soiled panty back up as he told me he had to run, he and his friends we going to be fishing at the lake all day.

    i stood there stunned wondering what just happened, but knowing that i was now wearing my soiled panty that had been fresh moments ago. there was more than my panty soiled, much his fluid sprayed across parts of me and not the panty. i have not been man handled for a long time, and it took me by surprise. i thought about it through most of the night. this morning it happened again, but it was not to my surprise this time. i heard him coming and turned to face the sink, holding onto the counter. he approached and pulled my slacks and panty down and proceeded as he did yesterday. as he sat down for breakfast, he commented, 'This is how it's going to be." i blankly looked at him and nodded.

    i know where this is leading, and truthfully, after he had me pinned, there was little that i would have done or will do to stop him. i'm sure it's not long before he notices that i am already excited anticipating my daily panty soiling. i will not encourage him, but i know that my excitement cannot be hidden from him forever. he is too young to know and too fast to catch my smell. afterward his smell and the aroma of cooking breakfast let me hide the truth.

    he is the only male in my life, and i am desperately hoping he does not become a man in my kitchen.

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