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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    My name is Lilith I'm 28 engaged to be married. In high school and college i had a lot of sex.
    I went out with a friend from work for drinks one night after work.
    Cindy and I made good friends fast. Her husband and I have had sex while Cindy watched and masterbaite.
    We got to Cindy's house after drinking. Her husband was not home I was kinda horny. We talked about how we discovered sex.
    Some how we both got into talking about beastiality we both had done it in high school and college.
    Her dogs brute and Max are large male Akita Max loves me but brute is stand offish when ever I come around. Cindy went and got her vibrator and brought max I the room.
    It took me no time at all.
    He had a red rocket a little of his dick hanging out.
    I jacked max off until he was hard. Just like high school I sucked his dick drinking in his constant stream of cum.
    I got on all fours and was naked.
    It took no time and her dog Mounted me. I felt his big dog dick slide into my hot wet pussy.
    This dog fucked me hard.
    His dick when it was not in me almost touched the floor. Twenty minutes of primal hard thrusting and a painful dog knott and we where tied together. My pussy filled and over flowed with cum it felt amazing
    The next day I got my self a bullmastiff puppy 12 weeks old. I will not lie it is for his dick I love being fucked by dogs and I imbrace the feeling they give me.
    Until my puppy can fuck me I visit Cindy and let max fuck me.

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