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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Married str8 very much a man's man...

    I have had a few gay exploits over the years but mostly str8 here.
    Iâve been married two times, both to very beautiful women, Iâm still married to a beautiful woman,
    Itâs a shame but she has always had a low sex drive, I finally after years of stress and anger just gave into the easy sex rout, MEN....
    THE WIFE WAS GOING OU OF TOWN FOR 4 nights,I had found CL and enjoyed checking out the post of all types..
    I found myself thinking how good a great BJ would be, posted an ad myself, I had tons of responses ,I picked one that sounded good and he posted as married also with his wife out of town, I got ready and nervously found my was to his very nice home in a upscale area of town, we had swapped a few pics,I sent him a cook pic and he sent me a clothed body pic!

    I found that odd but he was in good shape, once he opened the door I was pleasantly surprised,
    45yo very well kept handsome man, again Iâm not into men at all, but I was taken back, knowing Iâm just an average
    JOE... we ask if I wanted to go out to the pool, he fixed us two cold drinks and we sat and just talked, he was easy to talk to and, soon he just ask, you ok? Sure!!!

    I wasnât really but he stud up and I followed him inside and up to the master bathroom , when he removed his cloths I was taken back by his body and when he turned to open the large shower door I saw his cock hanging limp ,OMG
    I had never seen anything like that,
    I came to get a BJ but here I was lusting after another manâs cock...
    Once in the shower he dropped and took me in his mouth, I almost shot my load just sliding in his mouth,
    He was hottttt, and I was on fire, I had to pull away to keep from cumming !

    I wanted what he had between his legs ,I pulled him up and dropped to my knees ,as I worked him ,he became forceful ,calling me cocksucker, fag,,he told me I was going to be his submissive bitch, it scarred and aroused me!

    He pulled me up and turned me around, sliding his 9â cock between my cheeks, pinching my hard nipples sent me into space!!! Then he turned off the water and told me to dry off and wit in the bedroom at the end of the hall.

    I was very nervous ,I stood naked in the large room with huge open windows, when he entered he had a large box he set on the dresser, he then told me not to be afraid ,he said he would not hurt me but that her was going to dominate
    Me in as many ways as he wanted and that before it was over I would submit to anything he wanted and I would love it.

    Part of me wanted to leave but I just couldnât ,his Demeanor changed as he placed toke out ropes and cuffs,
    I was so scared that he might kill me, but my cock took over my body,
    I watched as he tied ,cuffed ,gaged me with a ball gage, that night this man uaed me for 3 hours,

    For the first time in my life I came without touching myself,I was spanked while bent naked over his lap, hard cock touching my skin, I fucked my face with me on my back and head leaned back over the edge, it was the first time a cock had ever been in my throat....
    He took my ass two times, I submitted to everything he ask, I now know I would submit to strong dominant men at any point I could...

    I went to him all four days for submissive training, the best sex of my life.

    Unfortunately I was busted by my wife on my email after letting two men dominate me in a threesome where I pleased them booth at the same time, two of my young Doms ,both in their 30âs, ummmm

    I have never had gay sex again ,but wow what memories

    I want so dad for my wife to dominate me and become my strap on femdomð

    P.s she will spank me from time to time and she has bought me some great annul sex toys and a great prostate massager
    But has problems being there when I use them, ð¿

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    P.s. as of late she has started inserting my Lelo Hugo in me when Iâm giving her oral!,,wow!!!!!!
    17 days ago

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