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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I got divorced seven years ago after 36 years of marriage. The reason our marriage fell apart was because our daughter was prostituting herself to buy drugs and my wife would not deal with it. In any event I have been alone since then, I care about my exwife, and I care about my daughter. The truth as hard as it is is that my daughter is a drug dependent prostitute who does not want or accept help to get off drugs. My daughter is now 33 years old.

    Going through this hell I looked for help through my Church to no avail, however there I was told to try a support group for parents who have kids on drugs. It was there that I met an ex cop who was able to help me out. He had a sort of experience that I guess you get because you have been to hell and back. One day he told me that I needed to let myself be loved. Another day he told me that I was going to be OK and that maybe what I needed was to get away from it all and he invited me to go fishing. At the fishing shack, after we had a few beers and we talked about our lives and his experiences as a cop and just as matter as fact as you can get he told me he wanted to suck my cock.

    We were alone out there at this fishing shack and he was serious and he told me he was a cop but he was also gay and he had fallen for me and what he wanted was to show me and he wanted to start by sucking my cock. He went on that in his experience with me, you started there sucking cock. If the guy liked it well you would go on and on until you kissed. Once you kissed well then that was that and you could get on and just have a nice time together. So, let him suck my cock.

    You have to understand, I worked in the steel industry, not as blue collar worker but in sales, but still in steel. His hand on my lap felt bad but good. He didn't take his hand off. Somehow I let him get my pants unzipped and he got my cock out and he sucked it, sure as I was sitting there. I got hard as a rock and he sucked me hard. I kept looking out the window into the darkness trying to ignore what was going on. His hand was working my cock and his mouth was working my cock and when I came I came hard, it had been a long time since I had come like that and he laughed and licked some of it up and told me that I had a nice cock and he liked sucking it.

    From then on what do you do, you talk. He told me the whole back story of how he found out he was gay, he was a young guy and another young guy made him suck his cock and that was that. He learned pretty quickly that he was much more of a bottom guy than a top and that he loved to suck cock and loved getting treated to a good fuck. His kiss my mouth caught me by surprise, he grabbed my package hard while he kissed me and asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. There wasn't much ceremony, he got his pants off and stood over me while I sat in the chair and he stroked his cock until he was hard and told me to open my mouth and he would slide it on in.

    His cock felt good in my mouth that night and when later on he told me that he wanted to shove his cock up my ass, ha ha, he lubed me up with this clear liquid he had and I took it up the ass like a man. Every last inch of his cop cock up my ass. He kept whispering to me over my shoulder that he was next and he wanted it hard and hot and that's the way it turned out that night. He didn't only kiss me and suck my cock, he fucked me and I fucked him, something I can't say I had ever contemplated in my life.

    Cops are funny sort of guys, they are in charge and I guess I became the boyfriend and we continued to see each other and one day he asked me if I didn't think that all along I was a gay mother and that I had missed out on it all my life, because from where he sat he knew that I loved cock and I loved a good fuck. The truth was that I did love cock, I loved sucking his hard cock and I loved having him on my back, much more than me getting on his back, but it is tit for tat.

    He told me that I needed to make amends with my daughter to move on, she was a whore and I was cocksucker and I should tell her that, that I sucked cock because I enjoyed it and I had a cop as a boyfriend. Well I didn't quite tell her any of that, I just stopped getting upset about it, and worried more about the drugs than being a whore, after all she was a whore to support her drug habit. It isn't right and I can't help her, but somehow sucking my boyfriend's cock makes it all seem relative. Looking out at the night moon with a cop's cock up your ass makes you think in perspective.

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