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    Straight Female / 26

    I was a virgin when I went away to college and was terrified of living away from home. Early in my freshman year one of my dorm mates brought me to a party to meet some other students and local residents. I guess I drank a little too much because I ended up hitting it off with this guy and we broke off to a spare room. We were kissing and he started to try and undo my pants. I told him I was a virgin and wasn't ready to go that far.

    He said that was okay but why don't I give him oral sex instead. I'd never done that before either and was going to say so but then he kissed me again, harder and deeper than before, and while I was distracted he had unbuttoned his pants and gotten his dick out. When I looked down at it he wound his fingers in my hair and guided my head down between his legs.

    I'm sure I was clumsy and awkward but he didn't complain and I realized pretty quickly that I really liked the taste and the feeling of my mouth filled up. He laid back on the bed we were on and his dick got too big for me to fit my mouth on all the way so he told me to try sucking on his testicles instead. I did and I realized I liked sucking them even more. The taste and the feeling of the hairs on my tongue and my nose were nice though it was a little awkward having his hard dick between my eyes and on my cheek.

    He asked me if he promised not to touch me in any way I didn't want if I would take my clothes off. He said I was beautiful and that he wanted to see me naked and that we didn't have to have sex. I was shaking with nerves but somehow I found the strength to do it. He still had his clothes on which made it even more of an odd feeling being naked. But I was eager to get my mouth back on his balls.

    I don't know how long i sucked his testicles and licked his cock but I did it until I heard the door open. I heard a guy's voice that I didn't recognize ask him who the "slut" was. I was so scared and humiliated that I buried my face in my guy's crotch so the other couldn't see it even as I realized that I was on my knees so I had lifted my butt in the air and the other guy could see my pussy. I heard a zipper go down and the guy asked if my guy wanted to double team me.

    I felt my guy's weight shift and I started crying thinking that he was going to say yes and let this other guy r**e me. But then I felt his big hand cover my sex and he told the second guy to get the fuck out. The other guy cursed and slammed the door. I looked up at my guy and realized that he was starting to get dressed. I sat up on the edge of the bad and said thank you and my guy said it was stupid for him to have asked me to take my clothes off.

    I told my guy that I didn't want him to leave. He asked why and I told him it was because of how he had protected me. I said he made me feel safe and asked if maybe we could keep going. He asked me what I meant and I told him he could finish in my mouth if he wanted. Without saying anything he took his dick back out and I played with his balls until he was hard again and i started to suck his cock again. After a minute he told me to open my mouth andnhe ejaculated right on my tongue. I'd never tasted cum before and it was thicker than I'd thought it would be but I swallowed.

    My guy then told me that he really wanted to fuck me but I told him I wasn't ready for that with anyone. He said he wouldn't mind waiting but he would be my first and he didn't think it would be too long until my pussy was his. I was surprised he was so crude about it but then he said he would wait to leave until I was dressed. It was odd that he slipped so seemlessly between chivalry and being crude but it also made him twice as sexy. I got up still naked and gave him the longest, deepest kiss I'd ever given anyone. Then I got dressed and we left the room together.

    We met up at several more parties where i got naked and sucked his dick and balls. I had short hair at the time but he still liked to ball it up in his fist and guide my head. I liked it too except for one time he tried to get me to lick his ass and for a minute I thought he would make me do it but he let me go and came on my forehead. I let the cum ooze down onto my nose and lips and realized thay I loved that feeling too.

    Even though I'd never had sex vaginally or anally I felt like a pro at oral. I was addicted to the taste of my guy's dick and balls and cum and he taught me how much it turrned me on to be completely naked while he still had some clothes on. We went out on solo dates too and I learned more about him, particularly that he was a graduating Senior and he had an off campus apartment. It wasn't long before I moved in with him and started giving him blowjobs all over the house. I especially loved doing it in odd places like under the kitchen table and on the floor in front of the TV.

    We lived in the apartment for the rest of that year and as he neared graduation I finally felt ready to lose my virginity. My guy was a gentleman about it and let me choose all of the circumstances around my deflowering. I decided the only thing I wanted was to suck his cock until it was as hard and big as it would be. After I sucked him hard he took me on my side with my leg on his shoulder. It was an experience I'll never forget, capped off by my guy emptying his cum filled condom on my face and let it drip into my mouth.

    The day after his graduation we spent all day and night in our apartment. We had sex over and over again and I drank so much of his cum that I could feel it in my stomach. I let him take pictures of me drenched in sweat and cum and then I jerked him off as we scrolled through them. I told him that I loved him and that I was his.

    A few days later we parted for the summer after one last blowjob and I kissed him goodbye with his semen in my stomach. That was the last time we were together. Within days he had his phone number and email address changed and his apartment near the school had its lease cancelled abruptly. I often wonder if I was the first or last girl whi he abandoned after stealing her virginity and if I'm the only one who can still taste his cock and balls when she closes her eyes.

    I'm 26 years old now, graduated with a degree and a boyfriend I'm expecting to be engaged to before I'm 30. He doesn't know anything about my guy in college but I suck his dick every chance I get. I love licking his balls but they just don't taste the same. And even though my guy in college used me as a Freshman and dumped me, if he showed up on my doorstep and took his dick out, I'd be naked with that thing in my throat in an instant.

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    Ah, the dick that got away.
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