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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I was 11 the first time I saw my cousins pussy. She was also 11 though a few months younger than me. Her older brother pantsed her while I was talking to her. She screamed and laughed but didnât hurry to pull them back up. I got a good look at her pussy. She had a little bit of dark hair and I immediately knew I wanted to see more.

    It was a few days later when I was afforded the opportunity. The three of us were alone at home as the rest of the family went to town for shopping. We were in the trailer and she was wearing her bikini. I could keep my eyes off her crotch. I guessed she noticed me staring because when her brother got up to use the bathroom she asked if I liked what I saw the other day. I could nod yes. She then asked if I wanted to see more and again I nodded yes. She just smiled and pulled the gusset of her bikini aside and spread her legs. I was in heaven. I moved next to her on couch for a closer look. She was rubbing what I know now is her clit and smiling at me. She asked if hers was the first one I had seen. I still couldnât talk and only nodded yes. She said I could touch it if I wanted. I didnât know what to do and I finally found my voice and asked her how should I touch it. She took my hand and started rubbing her slit with it then guided one finger into her. She moaned as my index finger disappeared into her warmth. She the started an in and out motion that I quickly took over. After a minute she clinched up and grabbed my wrist hold my finger deep inside her. I didnât know it at the time but I had just made her cum. We heard her brother coming down the hall so we quickly moved apart. I donât know what processed me but I brought my finger to my mouth a licked it while looking at her. She just smiled and nodded yes. Iâll never forget the taste.

    We had many more experiences together that summer to include more manual stimulation as well as oral sex. I also found out that she and her brother were active as well and had been for the past year. We started experimenting together the three of us doing whatever he suggested. It was all innocent fun and I learned a lot about sex but it wasnât until several months later when we were both 12 that I actually lost my virginity to her. That is enough for now. Maybe Iâll share that experience or how we included a few more family members in our fun later.

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