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    Straight Female / 29

    When I was younger my mom put me on the pill, saying how it was better - just in case. Well, I really wasn't being sexual and didn't want to get that reputtion. But my brother, a year older than me, I had always been close and we really had a good ime together. So it was easy for the two of us to start having sex. It was so exciting doing that together, and of course we both knew that we had to be extremely careul, because if mom and dad ever found they would hit the roof and probably dosown us!
    Well one afternoon my brother and I were naked in the bathroom and I was agianst the counter and he was sticking it in me and we were fucking. I couldn'tb believe it when our little sister opened the door and saw us. We told her to leave and she did and we quickly got dressed. A little later our sister asked me what we had been doing. I told her that we were just being close was all, and I made her swear not to tell mom and dad.
    After that my brother and I lived in fear that our little sister would say something, but apparently she never did and our secret reamined a secret.

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    Wow! I so want a girlfriend like you to marry!

    Also I wouldnât mind our daughter loving her brothers. Or wife and sons, just like me and our daughters.

    Iâm single and 41.

    And want so very much to have a loving close family!
    16 days ago
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    To #1. Are you BSing? 41 and single? I can't believe that. I am 19, still single, but everyone that fucks me wants to marry me. My answer to them is, "Let me think about it."
    If I am that good a fuck then why should I become attached to only one when the world is full of others that are dieing to fuck. (Just an expression). But who knows, maybe someday I'll meet someone thats so good at eating and fucking my pussy and has plenty money to last out entire life that I can't resist and will yell FUCK YEAH, LETS DO IT TOMORROW!
    16 days ago
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    I know. I have not found the right girl.

    I have found all the wrong ones who do not deserve me.

    I feel I am so far behind in life on the family front.
    15 days ago

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