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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    When I was younger there was a cute blonde girl who lived close to me. Where we lived there were hardly anybother kids around, so we started hagnging our with each other. Jacee was very advanced for her age and she liked to tease me and talk about sex. She told me that she had seen her mother and father doing it, and while she described that in detail, she then asked me if I had an erection. Of course I was all embarrassed and really self-conscious, and she just smiledsaying how she knew thatI had one.
    after that, a few days later, she said how she liked the idea of my having an erection and said how we could do it together. She actually used the word "fuck." Well, she finally talked me into getting naked with her and we fucked. I was incredible gettinj to do that with her. I actually did it and wetted in her three times. Thankfully I was too young to get her prgenat, which was good becasue for the rest of that summer we fucked all the time. Then she moved away and was I ever sad.

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