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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My first sexual encounter happened at a ripe young age of 9 I was m****ted and sodomized by a 17 year old Hispanic.
    We lived in the same neighborhood one day he took me to the side of the garage took of my clothes said I was his to experiment on over the next year I was r**ed m****ted sodomized, I know after awhile it wasn't going to stop.
    At nine years old I became an object of pleasure for a Mexican male.That year I found myself alone in a fifty year old homosexuals apt finding out later he was a child m****ter and pedifile,
    Being exposed to rueben for a year I new what was coming and played with my little boner he of course noticed and became full erect over 10 in in length and round as a Coke can I endured 6 hours being sodomized.
    I new my place and God's purpose for me even though I married had children I never stopped doing what God intended, being a white sex slave for a Hispanic male, and a fuck toy for a demented gay male.

    I always asked the Lord for men to dominate abuse and take my innocence through sodemy I loved being pass around.

    By the time I was 15 I'd had several hundred men. To this day I still offer up to other men

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