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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    I ran into my school friend at our 40th reunion. Back then we were 8th graders and we were walking home from school together. We talked about what had happened the day before, one boy kicked the other boy in the nuts and I was trying to explain to her how much it hurt, like the time I slipped off the seat and crammed my nuts against the bar on the bike, could she understand that?. She looked at me and said to me 'I don't have nuts'.

    We stopped in the small park in our neighborhood and got on the swings and talked. I asked her it felt like if she got kicked in the crotch. Well she was honest, it would hurt, but not like that. She got off the swing and came over to me, unzipped her pants and pulled her pants down and showed me her pussy. It was like a flash, but her pussy, light brown pussy hair, the so slight start of her pussy slit, was seared into my mind.

    Some many weeks later we stopped at the park again because I needed to pee and she watched, she stood beside me and made me take my hands away and she watched me pee. It was a little chilly and my dick got a little hard and with two fingers she picked up my dick so she could see my nuts. Again we are not talking a whole lot of time, just a moment seared into mind. Her kiss that afternoon was sweet, I had never tasted a girl's lips. My heart ran fast, my hands trembled as I put my hands on her shoulders, she looked at me and told me I was married.

    Dinners at home, she helped my Mom, she served my plate and my Mom served my Dad. She sat beside me on the sofa, her thigh against mine. She straightened my collar like my Mom straightened out my Dad's. And her good night kisses, my hand on her tit, sometimes she grabbed my dick, sometimes she let me touch her pussy. After all we were married.

    Our first fuck happened on Thanksgiving, she wore a dress that day, she sat on the bed and fell back and opened her legs, no pants, just a dark hairy c**t. I got on fast and she grabbed my dick and guided it in. A minute, maybe two, my first fuck.

    I grew old and so did she, I went to the Army, then to college, knocked up a girl, got married and had three kids. She met a Preacher, got married and had one kid. But that afternoon at our reunion all those feelings came back, I kissed her lips, held her tight. My wife is not amused, she is a widow now and I am not going to lose her again.

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    You always remember your first. Very hot.

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