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    Straight Female / 23

    Received an anonymous note to go around to my boyfriends house and peek in his bedroom window at 8 that night. I was already pissed off because I knew I would see him fucking some other woman. I was wrong. He was lying face down on his bed with a man on top of him fucking his ass. This guys cock was huge, really long and very very thick. There was my boyfriend taking it all and moaning like a woman, begging him for more. The man pulled his big cock out of my boyfriend and rolled him over onto his back.

    My BF brought his legs up locking them around the other mans waist as he got that big one shoved into him all the way with a grunt from the both of them. It was then that I noticed the stockings and garter my boyfriend was wearing, and the lipstick on his lips as the man kissed him and was kissed back. I watched it all. They fucked for a full 30 minutes before the man shot off into my boyfriends ass. Then I saw my boyfriend sashaying around the house talking like a girl. After another 30 minutes or so, he was sucking the man, got him hard and was getting fucked again.

    After the second load of mans cum went into his ass I knocked on the door. He answered and didn't want me coming in. I pushed in and said I thought he had great garter and stockings. In the bedroom, on the bed where I'd been fucked so many times was Mr. Bigcock. Not a word as I walked out. I still like him, he is great in the sack, but can't let him have bare sex in me with him letting men fuck him bare. Just too risky.

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