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    Lesbian Female / 20

    I am a submissive with a lot of kinks. Most of them are normal, i.e. bondage, edging, teasing, but I have one most would consider weird and that is tickling. Now, that doesn't mean I get turned on or orgasm every time I'm tickled. In fact, specific circumstances must be met beforehand for it to do anything more than just make me happy. That being said, though, when those circumstances are met I am the horniest mess and have the best oegasms of my life.

    My ultimate fantasy is to have a pair of beautiful dommes subtly tease me in public, whispering all the dirty things to me as I try not to react, and always doing /something/ to get a reaction from me. By the time we get home, I'm a mess and basically begging them to make good on their words, but first I need to prove myself. So I get my mistresses off and let them both use my body as they see fit until they're satisfied I've done well.

    After that, they take thier time stripping me and tie me up, making sure all my sweet spots are vulnerable to their whims. They cover me in bites and hickies, play with my nipples, always gets close but never give me real satisfaction, and all the while I'm being praised on how well I behaved for them. On how I was such a good girl. And they make sure I hear all these praises and can't argue them any.

    As much as I love praise, I get flustered and try to argue it, so they'll start playing lower, teasing all my sweet spots and cooing at me as I beg and plead for more, but I get nothing until I've accepted and agreed to the earlier praise. They smile. I'm a good girl. One starts eating me out as a reward, but I also took too long so as slight punishment, while I'm being eaten out the other starts tickling my hips and thighs. I can't focus too well on the pleasure. She stops eating me and pulls away. The tickling doesn't stop.

    They claims I must not be enjoying my reward if I can't focus on it. I'm too whiney to argue. The tickling stops and my mistresses leave. When they come back, they focuse on tickling my clit and pussy with some feathers and (clean/unused) paint/makeup bruahes. It tickles so much but feels so good. I'm moaning and laughing, begging for more while begging them to stop. I can only writhe side-to-side in my bondage.

    Even tually they stop and tell me they'll let me cum but there's a catch. They don't go into detail yet. They leave again, and I'm whining and writhing, humping the air for some sort of contact. Then, I'm blind. Mistress has put a blindfold on me so I can't tell what they're going to do. One comments on how wet everything has made me, and I hear a faint buzzing.

    A vibrator is pressed against my clit on a medium setting, and all is bliss and arousal. I'm getting close, about to cum, and as suddenly as the pleasure had started, it stops. To calm down my aching pussy so I don't cum right away, I'm distracted by tickles alternating my worst spots. Different tools and methods, I never know what's going to happen when. All the while, there's more praise mixed with some teasing about how I enjoy every second if what's happening. How I'm getting off on what a lot of people wohld consider torture. How I'm a good, kinky little girl.

    The tickling stops and I'm given a chance to catch my breath and collect myself. The cycle starts over with me getting edged and then tickled in a cool down. Eventually the ticking only makes my pussy ache more, and I'm begging for an oegasm, making promises that I would never otherwise make. A deal is struck.

    The vibrator is turned on again, but is just resting on me now. If I move too much it will fall. The tickling starts up again, but now it's all light. Just enough to make me titter and squirm. More bites are made on my body, and my nipples get more attention.

    I'm allowed to cum, but now I have to work for it. Will it be from the vibrations on my clit, or will I move too much and make my favorite toy fall so now I have to lay there until my body eventually lets me have an unsatisfying orgasm from all the teasing mixed with tickling? Nothing changes until I eventually orgasm. If it's not satisfying, the vibrator is once again held on my clit, firmly, and on its higheat setting as I cum again and again and again.

    My current fiance knows about my kink for tickling and my want of her to completely dom me, but not like that. We are (somewhat) looking for a third at the moment, as we're pollyamorous, and I have no idea how to bring up this fantasy of mine once all the pieces are in place. So for now it's my kinky little secret, a dirty little fap fantasy to get me off. A desire that will, maybe, be fullfilled in the future but not for a long time.

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