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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I went to a small porn theater awhile back. It wasn't crowded and I took a seat in the back row away from the entrance and settled back to watch the fucking on the screen. It's hard to believe now how naive I was. There were a few guys near me that had their cocks out and were busy jerking off. That seemed weird and dangerous to me at the time.

    One of the guys that was jerking off was sitting just a couple of seats over from me. At that time I considered myself completely straight but I couldn't seem to stop looking at his cock. Since I didn't want him to catch me looking and get the wrong idea my looks were furtive and I thought I was getting away with them. Then he suddenly moved over and took the seat right next to me.

    I had no idea what to do. This was an entirely new thing for me. So I just stared straight at the screen and pretended he wasn't there. I started a bit when I felt his hand feeling my cock through my pants. Of course it was already rock hard and even though I thought being touched by him was somehow wrong it felt really good so I didn't stop him.

    He whispered to me asking me if I thought his cock looked good. So I turned my head and got my first really good look at it. My voice didn't seem to want to work so I just nodded and kept looking. The long shaft and the shape of the head looked like they were made for penetration and I found I liked that look. Then he took my hand and put it right on his cock!

    I had expected it to feel like touching my own cock; it didn't. The shaft seemed to have a different shape or something. But whatever it was I loved the feel in my hand. My fingers went over the head and the smoothness it felt great as well.

    He didn't let me play with it very long. A hand went behind my neck and with a little pressure he guided my face towards his cock. I wasn't real sure about doing what he wanted but there was little time to think. There was a hard cock right in front of my face. I took a good look before touching the head with my tongue. Not sure what I was expecting but nothing bad happened so I moved on to putting my lips around it. Then I just started sucking like the girl in the movie was doing and I was loving it. Finally he thrust up a bit and held my head down. I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat and swallowed.

    Finally he stopped cumming and let me sit up. Without a word he stuffed his cock back in his pants and left the theater. I sat there a bit thinking about what I had just done. Guilt welled up at first but soon the guilt was pushed away by horniness. Pulling my cock out I quickly jacked myself off while watching yet another blowjob on the screen.

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    Yep you never forget your first time in a porn adult theater. My first time happen like yours a guy sat next to me and he pulled his cock out started stroking it. I looked str8 ahead like you. I was just 19 years old back in 1976 and never went to a porn theater before. I was hard as a rock in my running shorts. All of a sudden his hand was on my knee. When I didn't pull away his hand went up to my waist band he slide his hand in my shorts. He started jerking me for a little while then stopped all of a sudden and pulled his hand out grabbed my hand put it on his cock. I started jerking him and was surprised by the size. It was way thicker and bigger than mine plus it was uncut. He leaned over whispered suck it you know you want to go on make me cum. I said right here? He said yes no one cares look around there's one getting sucked over there. He was right so I slide down on my knees took him in my mouth. I found the skin to be a turn on making me suck harder. He had his hand on my head moaning telling me to make him cum. Boy did he cum to much it ran out of the sides of my mouth onto his balls. After he was spent, he said cleam my balls boy. I licked his nuts clean he said thanks hope to see u again and left.
    13 days ago

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