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    Lesbian Female / 25

    Iâm a submissive ultra-femme lesbian and I have a new non-sexual kink with my current girlfriend (dominant less-femme lesbian). Itâs weird as fuck... itâs staticky hair.
    It started when we first had sex the night we expressed our love for each other and when I came it felt like static electricity throughout my body (started from my feet, went up my legs and spine and got super tingly in my scalp), and she said she felt the same. Her pulling my hair during sex, the way she was lightly brushing her hand through my long hair while I was touching my pussy before we started, and her long hair tickling my face at that same time also probably contributed to the start of it.
    But it instantly makes me wet, and my girl, as the dominant one in the relationship, will use balloons or a blanket on my hair as foreplay while holding me down naked before licking me, or on a night out here in freezing Canada when we know weâre going to fuck later that night, sheâll suddenly pull off my hood or hat and go on playfully tease me about my hair. Then sheâll lightly make soft kissy noises against my ear, squeeze my butt, or reach under and lightly tap her fingers on my crotch.
    Combined with some other things, the sex is always perfect. Best part is that of course itâs cold and dry as fuck in Canada in the winter, and my hair is super long and fine, so Iâm a static electricity magnet around this time. And this kink leads to hot, sweaty, amazing sex that keeps us warm in below-freezing temperatures :*

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    This was kind of adorable and... really fucking hot actually
    14 days ago
  • 2
    This had no business turning me on the way it did
    14 days ago
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    I love you and your staticky-ass hair so much baby girl <3
    13 days ago

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