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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Well after I had been married to my second wife for 25 years, many ,many sexless years.....
    When I say sexless I should say 5-6 times a year, when we first got married we were in our 20-30s
    It started out great, but almost as soon as we got home from our honeymoon the sex became one excuse after another.
    We went many years of driving me crazy, she loved to travel and we did a lot, most trips were sexless, most of the places were romantic places like Niagara Falls, nothing, I would get up in the night and sleep on the couch ,
    It tormented me for years, we fought, we argued, she told me many times it would change, finally I went from str8 to bi, going against everything I ever believed in, but the sex was easy to find,
    I would allow men to give me blow jobs...going to adult book stores
    One day I entered an adult book store that I passed on the way home from a job,I saw the sign as I passed and in a few miles I turned around and went back.
    I was afraid someone might see me so I parked behind the building and darted inside .
    Once inside I looked around the store and looking to see if I knew anyone!
    My heart was racing ,checking out the sr8 mags ,then I noticed the video booths, the guy behind the counter spoke and told me I needed a min of $5 in tokens and I could get them from him.
    I lowered my head and bought them and headed for the booths, once in the hallway a looked at the guys standing around, the lighted box on the wall with vhs video box's showing the movies being played,
    I walked past all the men in the dimly lit hallway and entered the first door, I didnât know what the light over the door was for, when I opened the door I saw a man getting his cock sucked through the wall, I shut the door as fast as I could, and looked for a door without a light on, wow it scared me, I stepped inside and locked the door,
    I dropped some coins till the video started, than scrolled through, so hot!!
    I watch a str8 video but seeing this guy getting his cock sucked turned me on,
    I heard a few times someone twisting the mob , I decided to go back out and check out the men in the hall be looking at the video box again, but really they were checking me out, I tried to not make eye contact but as I walked back I
    Saw a very well built bald headed black man, very well built and tall, in gym shorts and a t-shirt
    Once inside I left the door unlocked on purpose, I started a gay video and pulled out my cock,
    The door opened and in stepped this very hot black man, he put a few tokens in and turned to me, I was scared but excited, he pulled up my shirt and leaned and took my nipple in his mouth, OMG I became so hard......
    He placed his hand on my hand and guided it to the biggest cock I had ever seen on the screen, maybe 11â , and thick...
    He placed a hand on my shoulder and put me on my knees, it was amazing to touch it, I leaned in and let my lips touch this huge cock, I tasted his pre-cum and I wanted his cock!!! I put mouth around it and went to work,
    I came hands free while bobbing on this nice cock, not sure I was doing I right? But soon he begin to moan then
    He put his hands on my head and face fucked me till he filled my mouth,

    My only regret was I was married and scared out of my skin that I might catch something and I spit his cum out...
    Today I still will I had made a connection and he had made me his bitch in trainingâ¹ï¸

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