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    Straight Male / 32

    My girlfriend is blond, blue eyed, thin with a great set of tits.
    My dad is older, probably can't even get a boner but i still see the way he looks at her, he makes funny comments to her and she laughs and blushes. She's loves it..
    She flirts with him cause she knows he likes and he obviously thinks she's as hot as I do.

    My mom's is there, I can't just fuck up the whole chemistry of my family.

    But I kinda just wanna pull her tits out when she's talking to my dad.
    Pull down her jeans and let him finger her in the living room while he watches TV.

    If his dick did get hard I'd get her to down on her knees to suck his cock while he plays with her perfect tits at the same time I contue to play with her pussy from behind in the middle of living room.

    I'd stand up and pull her uo by her hair and direct her pussy over my dad's cock while he sits in his chair
    If guide her to reduce the weight on his body while she rides his cock with her wet young pussy until he cums in side of her.. I'd let them stop so he can lick her tits s few last times before I pull her pants up and take her to my bedroom as if nothing happened.

    Then I'd undress her and finger her with my dad's cum, asking her if she liked what she just did.
    I would make her cum and make her like it so she would do it again and again.

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    Oddly enough my wife is a blue eyed blond, petite beauty with 36C tits. I knew my father had a thing for her as much as he talked about her. I don't know if he could of handled seeing her naked. Actually never thought about it till I read this. I do love people both man and women seeing her nude.
    13 days ago
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    Oh well, I might as well get it off my chest. To the author who confessed and to the #1 comment, It would tickle the shit out of me if both wives would pack up and ship out and tell you to kiss ass, that she didn't marry you for this kind of shit. Okay. you get it? Then kiss my ass too!
    7 days ago
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    To #2, AMEN! You hit the nail right on the head. I 100 percent agree with you.
    7 days ago

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