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    Straight Male / 35

    Over Christmas, without even realising what I was doing, I slapped my mums bum.

    My girlfriend was staying with us and whenever she's bent over, I slap her backside. It's basically a reflex now (so I found out!).

    Anyway, She was in the kitchen bent over, I grabbed a drink and walked past her, and without even knowing it I just slapped her on the bum.

    It took a few seconds to register (I think for both of us!) and she gave this excited little jump and laugh and then kind of caught herself mid smile, and I just stood their mortified.

    She turned to look at me and we just kinda stood their for a what felt like forever, and then she just kinda smiled at me and laughed as we both realised what I'd done.

    It was clearly unintentional and she stood up, and just got on with what she was doing, and I left still feeling pretty embarrassed.

    I think it was the next day, or even the same evening when I came into the room and she was bent over again, this time clearing something up.

    She turned round as I came in and make a joke about having to be carful in that position around me, and we both laughed a bit.

    As I walked past into the kitchen she made this kinda disappointed 'awwww' noise and I turned round to see her grinning at me. She was clearly joking so I threatened I'd come back... Raising my hand.

    She said 'chance would be a fine thing!' and even as she said it I saw she regretted it. Her cheaks went read and she looked away from me clearly embarrassed to have just said that!

    Partly cause I felt bad for her (I'd keep the joke going so she would see I wasn't feeling weird by her remark) and partly because I felt this weird rush at the though of her wanting me to slap her bum.

    I walked back past her and as I did I bought my hand down on her right cheek.

    She definitely gave a jump and a groan. I felt a massive rush again hearing that. It had 100% just turned her on.

    'how's that!' I said as I went to the door. She looked up and a little shocked, said 'well, thank you!' in a weird way. I coukdnt place it, but the smile she gave me was so amazing and sexy I went straight to the toilet and started to wank.

    And I SWEAR I heard the downstairs bathroom door close, and then faint sounds of a woman moaning (the bathrooms are above eachother) and even if I imagined it I came SO hard, and I know she did too...

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    That sounds fun. I'm thinking you should encourage this behavior
    7 days ago

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