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    Lesbian Female / 37

    I started to like this girl in Church. We started to hang out and do lunch after Church and one day I was fidgeting and she took my hand and held it in her lap through the whole service. It was another day, we were watching a movie on the TV and she leaned over and kissed my cheek and told me I looked nice. On another day she sat beside me and played with my hair the whole time, she got up behind me and combed my hair with her hand and pulled my head back between her boobs. Holding my head with both hands she wrapped her boobs around me and leaned over me and told me that I made her happy and she hugged me from behind like that and kissed me on the cheek.

    I remember each one of those events, I just didn't want to pay attention to them. I just let her be tender and nice with me and touch me all she wanted until one afternoon we were reading in the living room and she lifted her leg to get comfortable and I saw up her skirt all the way up to her crotch and her panties caught between her pussy lips until she got her finger down there and straightened them out. All kind of feeling went through me, all kind of feelings. She sat there with her book in her hand, with her legs up on the couch and her skirt up her thigh and her panties tight around her pussy and I was wet and getting wetter. I had to get up and walk around.

    I walked around behind her and leaned over the couch and started to caress her face like she caressed me. I didn't start with anything nice, I just said that from than angle she had nice boobs. When she looked up at me I kissed her. I was very hot right then and I kissed her in a way that wasn't just a kiss. She was surprised and asked me if I knew what I was doing and I said I didn't really know but the next thing I was kissing with her and she had her hand on my boob and I had my hand on hers. I ate her pussy that afternoon and she ate my pussy that afternoon and from then on we ate pussy all the time.

    We moved in together and after some time we moved to the big city center where we could live like the girls that we were around other girls who lived like we did. It was a crazy time, half the women we met were lesbian queers and half the women we met were queers that wanted to be lesbians. We had friends, and we had parties, and we bought things at little stores that are sold to lesbian queers, and we talked out loud about which TV girl had the better set of boobs.

    We turned 36 and decided to go on four day cruise. We signed up, took the days off, and went on the cruise, a short cruise into the Caribbean and we treated it sort of as a honeymoon. On board we met these two guys at the bar and they hit on us pretty hard and we had to whisper to them, that we weren't really into guys, we were lesbians and if that was OK with them we could be friends. But we got drunk and they got drunk and we ended up back in our room and we tasted the fruit of the loins and we both got fucked. That was our first time, as lesbians, that we got fucked.

    It hit is hard when we got back, that we had so easily gotten into a situation with those guys, and that we had so easily let them fuck us. And that those things we bought at the sex for lesbians store didn't quite feel the same.

    I just want to end this by saying that we fuck guys now, no one that comes around again, we fuck guys for fun, never alone, always together, and always a Groupon fuck. It's a phase, our sex is always better sucking the cum out of our pussies after they are gone. And those things we bought, we hardly ever use them, they just sit in the drawer forgotten for now.

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    OMG! That was hot and sexy, I am also a bi-sexual. I am 26 year old female who loves three-way, 2 men and me or me and my girlfriend and a male. We are into this 2 some maybe every other week end but so far no more than twice in a week. We live together and have our own free time. If we live close maybe we can get together and have a 4 some. Sound like fun?
    17 days ago
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    Sorry, I am the author of comment #1 above. I noted too late about having our threesome no more than twice a week. I meant to say twice a month. Sorry!
    17 days ago

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