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    The truth is that nothing that happens to you is truly something that happens only to you. But when it happens to you it is only you. I discovered my clit when I was eleven, it was like I was having feelings and I started to rub myself, the more I rubbed myself the more I liked it and so it went until I was out right rubbing my clit into orgasm. I became obsessed with my clit and I rubbed myself against objects in the house, like the corner of the kitchen table, for some reason it was at just the right height and I would get up to the corner and lean in and rub my clit until I came.

    We had a maid, her name was Sonia and I liked rubbing myself in front of her. She was an older woman and she told me I was a dirty girl. Things were just all over the place and I showed her my tits and asked her to show me her tits. I lowered my pants and showed her my pussy and asked her to show me her pussy. I told her I wanted to suck her tits. She was very standoffish and called me crazy and to stop having dirty thoughts. But my dirty thoughts didn't go away and I put my face between her tits and made one of her tits fall out and I latched on and started sucking as hard as I could. She started yelling 'niña, niña, no hagas eso niña, hay niña por Dios no hagas eso", but I sucked her tit as hard as I could until she just held me while I sucked on her tit.

    She had a room behind the garage, with a small kitchen and sitting area built for a live in maid. I made her show me her pussy there, laid back on her bed with her legs open and I got between her legs and looked at her pussy and then licked her pussy, she guided my mouth onto her clit and I sucked her into having an orgasm. She sucked my pussy too and she sucked on my little tits and I sucked her big tits and she kissed my mouth and we got totally naked. Our messing around lasted all through my growing up years at home. She left my parent's employment when her mother got sick and she had to return to Ecuador to take care of her. I was 23 years old before I sucked on another woman's pussy.

    I never got anything out of some girl my age or even close to my age. At 23 when I sucked on that other woman's pussy, she was in her late forties and she worked as a cashier at the cafeteria in the mall, a big woman from Croatia with a large legs, big tits and with big fur on pussy to get lost in. Once I tried and found out that I liked that I let other women find me, I worked at the mall in women's wear and left notes in obvious places like restrooms in shopping malls, or large department store restrooms. My thing at the time was for them to go to food court, order a slice a pizza and sit by carousel and if I liked them I would get a slice of pizza and come sit by them and talk.

    The youngest woman's pussy I sucked worked at Macy's in the ladies' shoe department, the oldest woman's pussy I sucked worked as a janitor after hours and we agreed to meet at her apartment. She was full on and wanted to suck my pussy and eat my tits, she is the first full on woman fuck I got. She wanted a girlfriend and I couldn't really say no to her, getting eaten alive by her and having my face buried in her pussy sent me into repeated orgasms. I thought poor Sonia, she never did that, she just wanted to hug and have me suck on her tit.

    I am now at that age where the women I get together with are mostly my age, in our mid fifties. Immigrant women are my safest bet, I don't care for professional women, the women I get along with best are immigrants from Eastern Europe, they tend to be full on lesbians and know how to fuck with you. I keep my distance emotionally, I fell in love more than once and I try to keep my feelings out of the way.

    When I was in my mid thirties I fell in love with a girl from Argentina, she was so pretty, so nice and soft and she sucked tits in a way that made you just want to sit and hold her. Her pussy was the same color as her hair, a reddish brown and her mouth and lips were perfect for kissing. She was a small girl, with small tits but definitely tits. We broke up eventually because in the end we were both looking for the same thing, an older woman to fuck us.

    Definitely I am not alone, in our night time confessions most of the women I have gotten together with started wanting pussy during puberty, some of us just liked older women. I'm sure that some girls wanted pussy with the girl next door. I had Sonia who lived with us and she liked having her pussy sucked and having me latch onto her tit and before she ate my pussy she would always bathe me in case her tongue slipped back and flicked a lick at my butt.

    As a middle aged woman I can get off by just remembering those days with Sonia.

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