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    Straight Male / 18

    I have lived next door to Tammy for 5 years. She is almost 2 years younger than I. She is cute, has a very nice body, great legs and butt which is a weakness of mine, and has made it clear that she wants me to ask her out. She has also made it very clear in meetings out in the yards or at school that she is willing to do "what that girl you used to go out with would do"! That meant she was willing to fuck. She asked me when she was 14 and 15 if I would go out with her and I explained that I had a girlfriend and with her prodding while in the pool at my parents I admitted that she and I have sex, in all ways we can have it. She didn't know what that meant and I explained oral, vaginal and anal. Tammy at only 14 reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms down all the way and showed me her pussy and turning very slowly showed me the most beautiful butt I'd seen. Pulling them up at the shallow end of the pool she knelt down, and pulled her top below two fantastically firm B cup tits. They would finish up at C cups. She said she'd do whatever the other girl did and I said she was too young.

    Now she's making a big point of my dating her, and even getting her dad to talk to my dad, and she's even talked to my mom about it. What I can't say anything about is that for 3 years I've been fucking Tammy's mother. We've had an affair that started that far back. Even though her dad thinks its nice that she dates the "boy next door" he has no idea that I've been fucking his wife for almost three years. I lick her pussy, fuck her pussy, she sucks my cock and though she had never let her husband or the only other guy who fucked her have her ass, she gave it up to me. I've spilled so much cum into Tammy's mom that I know she would freak out if I even went on a date with her daughter.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to date Tammy, she's really turned into a stunner, but I know her mom would tell her or something and it could all go wrong. Not to mention I'd really like to fuck a mother and her daughter.

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    Talk to the Mom tell her just how bad Tammy wants it. You dating her daughter will make it much easier for you to continue fucking her Mom.
    10 days ago

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