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    Straight Female / 49

    Parenting 101 tells you to pretend all sorts of things with your kids. My daughter was around two when I started to call her 'genitals' pussy. When she was around three and going to preschool I told her she had a pussy and boys had a dick. When she was six and she went to first grade I told her she had a pussy and boys had a dick and boys liked to stick their dick in the girl's pussy and showed her where her vagina was, except I didn't call it vagina I called it her pussy hole.

    When she was eleven I told her that boys liked to have their dicks sucked and when she sucked a dick she had to get in a comfortable position, to hold his dick in her hand and suck on his dick head and stroke him at the same time, when he started to bump to stroke him hard and suck on his dick hard and he would cum, to make sure she sucked him hard and made him cum, if not he was going to want to fuck her pussy and cum inside of her, suck him, don't let him fuck.

    When she was fifteen I put her on the pill, I told her condoms sucked, they ruined the moment and in the moment all she wanted was a hard dick right up her c**t. I told her she had a pussy, but when she wanted to fuck it was called a c**t. I showed her how to shave and keep her pussy looking nice and neat. When to let a boy touch her pussy and when to keep him off. If she had her period to use a large pad so when he got his hand down there he knew she was bleeding and she needed to be left alone. Suck his dick and make him cum.

    In college she told me about the parties, I told her that at those parties not to fuck, she didn't have any idea where that dick had been and she didn't need to get the clap. If she got really horny to find a girl and make out. Girls were soft and sucking on a girls tit felt good and if she really wanted to try something different, get down on a girl and eat her c**t, lick it clean and suck her clit and she was going to be her best friend.

    When she was 25 I told her about a friend of mine in college who liked having her ass licked and fucked. I told her I had never tried that and her father was a prude when it came to that, but if she found a boy who wanted to try to give it a chance, that I had heard that a good ass fucking felt good. She hasn't told me if she found a boy who wants to do that.

    In our house my daughter knew when her father fucked me, she saw me suck his dick. She sucked her first dick when she was twelve, her fourteen year old cousin at the River House for a family reunion. She got her c**t fucked when she was fifteen, right after she went on the pill. She sucked cock in high school and got fucked for prom. In college she experimented, she got around with a girl she liked and they ate c**t. After college she met the man she married, he comes from a conservative family and has a hard time with her talking about fucking and sucking cock. They have a little boy and she calls his dick a dick and wiggles it when she changes him because she know it feels good.

    I have always had a hard time with keeping sex away from kids. It's like drinking, teach them at home and they won't be drunks. Sex is what they are made for, the earlier the better, they just need to know about it before they get surprised. Call me a horny Grandma, but if you sit down and ask my daughter if she likes sex she will tell you she sure does, and licking her girlfriend's wet pussy and sucking her sweet tits is a nice way to pass an afternoon.

    Bend over, hold onto your knees and let him go to town. Your pussy is made for fucking. Enjoy it.

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    Dayhum!! Wish you had been my next four neighbor!! You go horny grandma. Bet you can still blow a dick. You never mentioned it. Did/do you eat c**t?
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    Dame clearly enjoys displaying what a fool she indeed is. Rather than passing on appropriate language, she chooses to butcher the English language with Slang garbage just as so many others do. Then she actually pushes the unhealthy, despicable option of altering & shaving pubic hair. About the only item she chose accurately was to get the offspring on the Pill. Aside from that, the dame is perverted & demented. with scumbag language to match.
    8 days ago

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