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    After I graduated from high school I took a summer job waiting to go to college in the fall. I had a coworker, a girl who wasn't going to college. She was nice, slim with long black hair and brown eyes. The sun was out and the temperature nice and we decided to walk over to the park and eat our lunch.

    A man showed up, sat down on the bench across from us. He took his dick out and started to masturbate. There was maybe fifteen feet between us. We watched, not saying a word, his dick got hard, and he pulled and jerked off until he shot several short shots of cum. When he was done he sat there trying to stare us down.

    We got up, I took her hand and we walked back to work. We were now friends, our bodies cried to be together, I went to college and I wasn't a virgin freshman. I had eaten a girl's pussy, a girl had jacked me off. I had seen tits, right in front of me, held tits in my hands, kissed a girl, fallen in love.

    College changed me, I outgrew her, but still I am in love with her, she lives in my heart. I lost my virginity to her, she never told me who she lost her virginity too, some worthless guy I'm sure.

    But thanks to that guy jerking off in the park that day, I got my first blow job, my first fuck, I touched my first tit, saw my first pussy up close. I can't forget him, or forget my first summer girlfriend.

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