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    Straight Male / 28

    When I was much younger I went through a gay spell in my life, where I let a number of other boys fuck me. I really enjoyed doing that at the time, although I certainly never became gay because ofthose experiences. I did try it many years later and I did not find it all that pleasing or satisfying. I think that a lot of boys go through a gay spell in their lives when they are younger and that this is just natural. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience?

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    When I was a teen, my hormones usually ran wild so I was always looking for a way to get off other than masturbating. This lead to me and a few select friends mutually masturbating, humping our cocks together until we came or using each other's but crack to hump. We also sucked each other's cocks, but we never came in each other's mouths, we just sucked for a while, usually in a 69 and then humped or jerked each other until we came. We only tried to butt fuck once, but I chickened out when my buddy's cock started to enter my hole. It was really uncomfortable at the time and I figured it would only get worse. Today I regret not getting butt fucked and butt fucking my buddy. Once we both got girlfriends who enjoyed sex, we stopped with each other. Never had the urge since then to do anything gay, so the past 40 yrs have been strictly hetero.
    29 days ago
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    Before and into early teens I sucked a few cousins and a few close friends. In my late late teens, got a girl and did all the usual hetero things, A few years down the road, started fooling around with a friend of my wife's friend and started sucking cock again. Then hooked up with a coworker and have been happily sucking cock on the down low with him and a few others at work ever since. Did let a couple of the coworkers fuck me and I have fucked them but prefer sucking their cocks and swallowing cum.
    29 days ago
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    I suppose like sommany boys, I too wentthrough what might be called a"Gay" period when I was younger. I made the discover that boys could easily do things together, and frankly I becamee quite a male whore, and I allowed myself to be endless fucked by a number of others boys, as well as admistering oral sex. I horoughly enjoyed the experienc and that time in my life, and no, I never became gay becaues of it.
    26 days ago
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    Later in my teens I'd get these weird feelings and dress like a cheerleader, and could Easley pass as a girl. One night I drove over to the homeless part of town and mingled with some of the older male residents. I got this ones attention right off, and about 30 minutes later I found out what that weird feeling was about. He was like 50's something but still wearing my skirt and panties he slipped the dick to me, I had some strange feelings for awhile, but went back more often than I should've, got caught and stopped doing that. But I still get that weird little feeling when I'm in that area.
    16 days ago

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