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    Straight Female / 49

    I am divorced, and at the beginning of this past summer, my son â who is over twenty-one and single, and I decided to take a vacation to the beach together. We had a bungalow with two bedrooms, but we shared a common room and the bathroom. Well we arrived that night, and our first morning there we were both still adjusting to arrangements, and he happened to see me naked. It really wasnât a big deal and I thought that it was sort of funny, and he seemed to enjoy it. And to be honest, I found it to be to be a little unexpectedly thrilling as well as stimulating letting my son see me naked. I teased him and asked if he was going to join me and be naked, too. So he did and once we both got past our initial moment of shyness, never having been naked together before, we both found the situation quite appealing. Without any difficulty this led to our happily having sex. It was playful and fun as well as quite loving. While we were there we made love probably a dozen times.
    When we got home we decided to just continue our mother and son liaison, and we have been thoroughly enjoying letting our relationship have a sexual side to it. I never imagined myself as wanting to have sex with my own son, and saw i****t as something just not done. Now that I have experienced this, though, it has really opened my eyes. Not this is anything that one really talks about or would readily admit to, yet thinking back and judging from what many of friends who also have a son have said, I began to wonder just how many of them have had sexual experiences like this. It would seem quite a few, although of course I donât now for sure. So I began to look into this and was quite surprised by what research and various reports revealed. It would seem that the incident of sex between a mother and son is much higher than that between a father and daughter. Some reports put mother and son sex at about twenty percent as compared to father and daughter at around ten to twelve per cent. Other reports speculated that sexual relations between a mother and son might well be as high as forty to sixty per cent. Although such figures remain not all together entirely substantiated, either way it would seem that mother and son sex is actually very common. I suppose that I find this to be somewhat reassuring as my son and I have continued to enjoy this and really have no qualms about it whatsoever.

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    You and your imaginary researches. The truth is far from what you described. Mother and Son i****t is the rarest out there. Cousin and sibling i****t is most common, and that is around 10%. Then there is father and daughter couples and that is as rare as 5% and Mother and Son i****t is rarest, around 2%

    Gay i****t (mom daughter, son father, or gay siblings, is as rare as in common couples, around 5% from the mentioned i****tuous couplings.)
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    Whoever wrote this last comment is sadly behind the times and current figures. I do believe that the mentioned figures are quite accurate. So please ... if you are going to make comments, then do your research!!!
    28 days ago
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    Yes, I too read this story and found the figures to be quite accurate. I do know that many people are behind the times and I can only suggest that they get out and not only read and research more, but get out and see the real world.. Indeed, japan and most of Eurpoe have now abandoned i****t laws between consenting adults.
    28 days ago
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    was reading on here about a mother who was having sex with her son, and I was surprised by one of the comments made about this, as to how this wasnât common and that it was more so for daughters and fathers. I totally disagree, and from what I have been able to learn from a number of studies and reports and polls, that somewhere between forty to fifty per cent of all boys have had sexual relations at some point with their moms, and only from twenty-eight to thirty-four per cent of girls have experienced sexual relations with their father. I just have to wonder where this reader got her information from? Certanly it is not current or by any means realistic.
    This seems far more like this is someone dealing with information collected up to fifty years ago, back at a time when there was more stigma attached to mother and son intimacy. Now days times and things have definitely changed. Mother and son sex comes in second only after brother and sister sex, with his up to an estimated fifty to sixty per cent. Certainly women have changed and are no longer as timid as they might have once been, and they are definitely taking more active roles in sex.
    I can only suggest that instead this person saying "imaginary" research, that they stop just using their obvious very uninformed and very bias imagination!!!
    28 days ago
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    OP, tell everyone here where did you got those numbers.
    28 days ago
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    Take a hike, #1 and #5.
    No matter about the numbers.
    If you are 49 and you turn your 21 year old son on enough to fuck you a dozen times after seeing you naked for the first time, then more power to you.
    You must be one hot phukking woman and he is one lucky son.

    A woman in a similar living situation posted something like you have here a year or two ago except nothing had happened beyond than her strong desire for him and her uncertainty of what to do with it.

    I offered a few suggestions, left my email, and a week or two later, she emailed me to thank me for the suggestions because they worked and now she and he son were phukking like rabbits and it was best sex she'd ever had.

    Best to you both and enjoy your young stud.
    You no doubt deserve him.
    22 days ago
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    #6 You are an idiot. You believe everything.

    I remember you. You were giving your email adress to everyone. Guess who wrote the success story. Of course your hints of an inexperienced man worked within couple of weeks.
    22 days ago
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    #7 this is #6.
    No. I didn't give me email to everybody.
    Just to those who seemed genuine and were honestly asking for input.

    As I recall, you emailed me and thanked me because you'd tried some of the things I suggested and they actually worked for you.

    So what's wrong with that?
    Or are things not working out for you now?
    Now I'm an idiot because I helped you?

    20 days ago
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    #7 this is #6 again.
    Excuse my error in last comment.
    Now I know who you are.
    You're the woman in Post #45408.
    So you made all that shit up?
    Well good for you.

    Does it get you off?
    Do you get wet fooling other people like me who believe your story to be true?

    I guess so since you didn't give two shits in your story that you were fooling your own husband with your exhibitionism...
    Or was that even true?

    The only thing true about you is that you lie.
    And you call that 'a success story'.
    18 days ago
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    Man-oh-man! What a lot of silly controversy!
    All you have to do is to go online and you can rwad through some very repurable research and reports on i****t. Brother and sister i****t if the most common, followed closely by mother and son and then father and daughter.
    In countries where i****t laws have been changed, defintely mother and son takes the lead behind brither and sister.
    Get real, get with it, and please of please get with the times!
    15 days ago

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