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    I started a new job at a very small company. It was basically doing repairs on vehicles and some other equipment. It is a bit of a dirty job as the equipment is oily and covered in dirt and we have to clean the equipment after doing repairs. There are 9 of us working there with 2 women working in the office area and the rest or of us, all guys, doing repairs.
    When I was hired I was told it was a very close knit company and they were like one big happy family. I was surprised how close knit they really are. After work all the guys hit the showers. It is one big shower area so there isn't any privacy when showering. It became apparent on my first day, and one of the other guys told me as well, that the women regularly come in to talk to the guys about the work they had completed that day. The women never showered with us but they regularity came in while we showered asking us questions about the jobs we had worked on that day. We were fully nude and the women saw everything and they didn't think twice about walking in on us while we were nude. The guys didn't seem to care and it appeared that they had become accustom to the women walking in. I was a little shocked when I first started working there but after about a week I just accepted it and became more comfortable with it.
    Other jobs I had worked at always had private showers so this job was clearly the job where I literally had seen all my male coworkers nude and every single coworker had seen me.

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