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    Straight Male / 25

    My boss is a woman who is in her early 40's. We go to the same gym and one time we were both finished about the same time and she offered to give me a ride home. She said she had to have a shower as did I so she said it would take her about 10 minutes before she would be ready and we said we would meet right outside the change room entrances.

    I was done in 10 minutes and was waiting for her. It was now 20 minutes and she still wasn't out so I decided to call into the women's change room to see if she was still in there. I called a few times and didn't get an answer from anyone. It didn't seem like anyone was in there so I decided to go in to check if she was still around. I didn't see anyone and still called out. I walked to the shower area and there she was shampooing her hair. She was facing me but her eyes were closed so she didn't see me looking at her. I saw her tits and pussy and had a quick really good look at her. I did something I shouldn't have which was to snap a few quick pics. She turned away from me to rinse off her shampoo so I got a look and a few pics of her really nice ass. I quickly got out of there before she caught me or someone else came in and did.

    She finally came out and apologized for taking so long. I told her it wasn't a problem. It was hard looking at her now that I had seen her naked body without a smile appearing on my face.

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