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    Straight Male / 47

    I am 47 now but I remember back when I was 13 and seeing my first woman's pussy. It was my aunts. I had seen pictures in magazines and my younger cousin's but never on an older woman and right in front of me.

    My aunt was staying the night and it was only her, my mom and me at home. My mom and her were drinking and they got very drunk. My mom went to sleep in her bedroom and my aunt was going to sleep in a our guest room. Before I went to bed I remember brushing my teeth and then walking past the guest room. The door was wide open and the lights were on. She was on her back in only her bra and her legs wide open. Her clothes were laying all over the floor and it looked like she couldn't even get fully undressed before passing out. She couldn't even get around to close the door and even turn off the lights. She was so out of it she didn't know I was there so I just stayed there and looked at her pussy.

    I pondered about taking her bra off to see her breasts but I thought it might wake her up but figured I would give it a shot. If it did wake her up I would just say I was trying to get her under the covers. I sat her up and she was still sound asleep. I unhooked her bra, removed it and threw it on the floor with her other clothes. I put my hands on her breasts just to get a feel of what real breasts felt like and she didn't even budge. I put her back down and there she was laying naked with her breasts and pussy exposed.

    Thoughts of some the women I had seen in magazines came into my mind. They posed with their fingers spreading their pussy lips showing themselves even more. My aunt didn't wake up when I took her bra off so I now took my fingers and spread them. My aunt didn't even move and I was seeing a lot more of her than I ever expected. I thought about sticking a finger in her but I thought that would be going too far. I don't know how long I spent looking at her but it was awhile since I knew the opportunity would probably never happen again.

    I didn't feel bad about doing this because a couple of years earlier my aunt thought it was funny when she pulled my swimsuit down at the beach exposing me to everyone. A girl in my class at school saw and told everyone who then teased me about it for quite a while.

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    You're a better man than I am.
    28 days ago
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    She definite;y knows what you have been doing to her. But you did miss a great chance to fuck her. You should not have left her with fingering and fondling boobs only - In fact she waited to be fucked. Mature women do love young cocks!!
    27 days ago
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    One night I during midnight walked up my sister's bed and sat on the

    floor and slowly removed her blanket just upto her side as she was

    sleeping sidewise and buttocks at the edge of the bed. I carefully lifted

    her half skirt in the dark, but the street lights coming through the

    window showed her bulging bottom. I could see her outline of pussy as her

    knees were folded upwards. I slightly touch her pussy lips from the anal

    side. She just purred as if being feeling good in sleep. I tried slowly

    to put my finger in her split but sensing she is waking up I just ran out

    of the room and was on my bed within seconds and shut my eyes tight and

    acted as if in deep sleep. After a while I felt some movement near my bed

    and I could see my sister doubtful and checking me whether I was asleep.

    I sightly started to make snoring noise keeping my heart beat as low as

    possible and aroused dick out of sight. Confused she left my room looking

    back again and again. It was a just escape.
    15 days ago

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